With beautiful beaches, interesting attractions and a location close to other tourist destinations in Santa Catarina, Balneário Camboriú is also known for its nightlife.

With a skyline full of skyscrapers, beaches adorned with elegant shores and stunning natural beauty, Camboriú Bathhouse, on the coast of Santa Catarina, has been consolidated in the last decades as one of the most popular itineraries of the Brazilian summer. One of main attractions of the city, which needs to be on your itinerary, is the Unipraias Camboriu Park. The complex brings together three beaches in the city and is connected by cable cars and monorails. In addition, the park offers other activities such as trails and zip lines. Praia das Laranjeiras is one of the favorites for families, with a calmer sea, which makes it attractive for children.

One of the best views of Camboriú Bathhouse can be obtained from Morro do Careca, one of the most spectacular natural formations in the region. Through trails in the middle of the preserved forest, tourists reach the top of the rock from where they jump to fly over the beauties through paragliding. To experience the best restaurants in Balneário Camboriú, or for those passionate about fashion and good shopping, Passeio San Miguel is the best option. This exclusive pedestrian street houses the best of the local commerce and offers good entertainment options.

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The same applies to Avenida Atlântica, the main waterfront Camboriú Bathhouse. With some of the best hotels and restaurants, the street is carved by the beautiful landscape of the most popular beach in the city. In addition, other good beach options to enjoy surfing, speedboat rides and even diving are Praia da Gamboa and Praia do Estaleiro, the latter with delicious natural pools.

Finally, another attraction with trails and contact with nature in Camboriú Bathhouse is the Morro da Aguada. The place is also accessible by the Unipraias cable car system and offers tourists one of the most beautiful views of the state's coast.

Sights in Balneario Camboriu

Photo: Diarinho

Unipraias Camboriu Park

This tourist complex brings together the best and most beautiful attractions in Camboriú Bathhouse via a cable car and tram system. Connecting beaches like Laranjeiras, the main axis of the Park brings together numerous attractions to stir families and groups of friends. There are zip lines, trails and other must-see attractions. In addition, at the end, the tourist will be able to explore the natural charms of the Environmental Park.

Morro do Careca

THE Morro do Careca is a rocky shore surrounded by Atlantic Forest that forms a fantastic natural viewpoint, 104 m above sea level. The place is very popular with hang gliders and paragliders. The area has an excellent structure designed to receive tourists, with restrooms, a souvenir shop, parking, surveillance and a snack bar.

San Miguel tour

Invest part of your trip touring this which is the main gastronomic and tourist hub of the city. The Paseo San Miguel houses the best restaurants in Balneario Camboriu, in addition to having bars and snack bars – it is a true open-air shopping mall. It is usually a great entertainment option on weekend nights.

Morro da Aguada

Connected by the Unipraias system, Morro da Aguada is one of the most fascinating places to explore nature. It has several trails, in addition to offering a zipline ride to Laranjeiras beach or a monorail trip through the forest.

Gamboa Beach

Praia da Gamboa has crystal clear waters and is still little known, which makes it attractive for those looking for more exclusivity. Its waterfront has some restaurants with seafood dishes, in addition to some artisanal products stores.

Atlantic Avenue

The city's main avenue, which cuts through the busiest beach in the city, is a great destination for shopping, more affordable restaurants, as well as lots of excitement and fun. The place has an excellent infrastructure for sports, being sought after for running and walking. The region is worth exploring.

Shipyard Beach

Farther away from the action, the Shipyard Beach It has beautiful natural pools that appear during low tide. With good restaurants, in addition to having an adequate infrastructure, the region has not lost its rustic charm, still preserving a good preserved natural area.

How to get to Balneario Camboriu

Tourism tips in Balneário Camboriú. Photo: MaxPixel / Creative Commons Zero – CC0

By airplane

The city of Balneário Camboriú is served by the Navegantes International Airport (NVT). In addition, it is served by a good road transport network, in addition to being only 80 km from Florianópolis, about 1 hour on the BR-101.

By bus

Although small, the Balneário Camboriú Bus Station is served by several lines connected in different parts of Brazil. The companies Feather, Itapemirim and from Santa Catarina have departures from the main capitals of the south and southeast region.

By car

Access is via the BR-101 both from the north of the country and from the south. Balneário Camboriú has an excellent location: it is 78 km to Florianópolis, 240 km to Curitiba and 639 km to the city of São Paulo.

Best time to visit Balneário Camboriú

Tourism tips in Balneário Camboriú. Photo: Otávio Nogueira / Flickr

To enjoy the beautiful beaches of Balneário Camboriú, the best time to visit the city is between October and May, when it is hotter.

During the summer, the city usually receives its largest number of tourists, ideal for those who enjoy movement. The coldest season of the year occurs between July and August, with temperatures around 15ºC.

Where to stay in Balneario Camboriu

Camboriú Bathhouse

Tourism tips in Balneário Camboriú. Photo: Eduardo Marquetti / Flickr

A large portion of well-known hotels with luxurious structures are located close to the edge of the city. Located on Taquaras Beach, the Reserva Praia Hotel offers swimming pools, sauna and rooms with modern decorations.

THE Tropikalya Hotel It also has a good location and offers modern accommodation just 100 meters from the beautiful beach of Balneário Camboriú.

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