Blumenau tourism tips: what to do in Blumenau, main tourist attractions. Check out our tips for the most brewing city in Santa Catarina

City offers itineraries for lovers of German cuisine, beer, architecture and can also be a great option for travelers who like to venture out on beautiful trails with waterfalls and lakes.

just get to blumenau that you soon notice the strong influence german, whether in architecture or in the love for the country's traditional drink: beer, and this is the main attraction of the city in high seasons. with its many craft beer factories, blumenau houses some of the most famous brands in the country.

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THE brewery circuit it operates throughout the year in the city, with visits to productions and tastings of labels such as Eisenbahn, Cerveja Blumenau and Wunder Bier. However, three festivals concentrate tourism. The most traditional is the famous Oktoberfest, which takes place in October and is considered the second largest in the world. Sommerfest, summer edition of oktoberfest, and in March the beer festival. If you are thinking of visiting one of these parties, book accommodation and transport well in advance, because the city is usually completely full.

But the high season doesn't end there, because blumenau has what is considered one of the most beautiful Christmas decorations in the country. That's why November and December are also on the list of the busiest months.

Another attraction of Blumenau is the gastronomy, which emerged from the mixture of Germans, Poles, Italians and Portuguese who settled in the region in 1850, when the city was an agricultural colony of the German philosopher Dr, Hermann Bruno Otto Blumenau. The place with the most variety is the Germanic Village, stage for festivals, but which is open all year with restaurants and bars. Other great names in local cuisine are the restaurants Moinho do Vale, Wunderwald and Abendbrothaus.

But besides beer, there's plenty to do in blumenau. The architecture is certainly a show in itself. Strolling through Rua XV de Novembro is to discover the most famous buildings, such as the mixture of brown and white of the City Hall, the stained glass windows of the São Paulo Apostle Cathedral, the beautiful gardens of the Carlos Gomes Theater, and the sought after Museum of Beer.

Nature lovers also find in Blumenau excellent options for trail, like the Spitzkopf Park it's the Springs Park. While the first requires a two-hour hike to reach the top, the second is a more relaxed tour and offers short trails to discover lakes, waterfalls and rivers.

Whether drinking beer, enjoying good food or looking for hidden places on the trails, Blumenau manages to please all audiences and is an excellent destination to visit on your next holiday.

Tourist attractions in Blumenau

Tourism tips in Blumenau. Photo: Renato Soares / MTur

XV de Novembro Street

The famous street is the heart of the city and where the main tourist attractions of Blumenau are located. In a quick walk along the road it is possible to see some of the most photogenic buildings in the destination, such as the City Hall, the São Paulo Apostle Cathedral and the Beer Museum. In addition, many restaurants and souvenir shops are scattered throughout the city's avenue.

Colonial Family Museum

The wonderful space is located in Alameda Duque de Caxias, in the center of Blumenau. Its gigantic collection brings together more than 6000 pieces donated by families who built the city of Blumenau, allowing a visit to the daily life of the 19th century.

Beer Museum

Here the visitor learns about the history of brewing in Blumenau and can see some utensils and machines used in the process.

Germanic Village Park

The most German area of Blumenau has little streets that reproduce villages in the interior of Germany and offer bars, restaurants and is also the stage for beer festivals that take place throughout the year.

Spitzkopf Park

The main attraction is the top, which has become a viewpoint to look out over the region. It takes about two hours of walking to get there through a path full of trees and waterfalls.

Springs Park

The huge green conservation area is a great option for outdoor walks. During the tour, the visitor can discover lakes, waterfalls and rivers that can be reached with short trails.

Other places to visit in Blumenau:

  • Historical Archive Professor José Ferreira da Silva
  • Fritz Muller Museum of Ecology
  • Saint Paul the Apostle Cathedral (Matrix Church)
  • Railroad
  • Museum of Habits and Customs
  • Immigrant's Monument
  • Water Museum
  • Ramiro Ruediger Park
  • Peace Square
  • Hercílio Luz Square
  • City Hall
  • Flower clock
  • Glaspark Museum
  • Carlos Gomes Theater
  • Nook Silvestre
  • Macuca
  • Hering Museum

How to get to Blumenau

Photo: Renato Soares / MTur

By airplane

Blumenau does not have its own airport, so flights land at Navegantes International Airport, 55 km from the city, where it is possible to take a bus offered by the airport itself. As it is a small airport, this may be a slightly more expensive option.

Other airport options are in Florianópolis, Hercílio Luz International Airport, 150 km from Blumenau. In addition to these two airports, there is also the possibility of traveling through Lauro Carneiro Loyola, in Joinville, and Afonso Pena, in Curitiba.

By car

The main gateway for those arriving from Curitiba and São Paulo is the BR-101. After crossing the Joinville interchange, follow SC-108.

For drivers departing from cities in the south, access is via the BR-101 to the Itajaí interchange, followed by the SC-470.

By bus

A great option for companies operating in the city of Blumenau is Catarinense. The company connects the destination with the main cities in the south and southeast of Brazil.

In addition to the Catarinense company, you can also count on the services of other large companies in the region, such as Reunidas, Penha, Itapemirim, Pluma and other smaller companies.

Best time to visit Blumenau

Blumenau tourism tips

Tourism tips in Blumenau. Photo: Renato Soares / MTur

Blumenau has mild temperatures throughout the year, ranging between 10°C and 30°C. The region does not experience drought, so rains fall at all times, but the least rainy months are June, July and August.

The high season is in October, when the biggest beer festival in the country, Oktoberfest, takes place.

Where to stay in Blumenau

Blumenau tourism tips

Photo: Marcelo Campi

Staying in downtown Blumenau is always a great option. In this region are concentrated some of the best options of hotels, restaurants and bars. The location also allows tourists to discover several attractions.

THE Plaza Blumenau Hotel has an excellent location, on the busy Avenida Sete de Setembro, two blocks from Rua XV de Novembro, the city's main avenue. Himmelblau Palace Hotel it's the Slaviero Essential.

already the Hotel 10 Blumenau It is located outside the Historic Center and away from the center, but it is close to some Breweries, such as the Blumenau Beer factory and close to Vale do Lúpulo.

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