Bombinhas tourism tips: what to do in Bombinhas, main tourist attractions. Check out city tourism tips with the most beautiful beaches in SC

firecrackers It is known for its beautiful beaches of preserved nature, being called the Diving Capital, so the busiest months in the city are between October and April, when the days are the sunniest and the sea is warmer. However, out of season, tourists find the streets freer and can enjoy the gastronomy and culture festivals that take place throughout the year.

The city is marked by the Atlantic Forest and has several conservation parks, including the Monkey Hill, which is located on Canto Grande beach and has a 360° viewpoint on its summit that allows a beautiful view of the entire peninsula. And this exuberant nature is also on the beaches, like the dunes of Four Islands Beach and the Praia Triste waterfall.

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In addition to gastronomic events, such as Festa da Picanha and Festa do Pescador, the city organizes more relaxed activities, such as Saragaço, which is a competition for mullet fishermen crowned with local cuisine and regional crafts. Residents and tourists are also welcome for professional qualification training, as long as they are connected to their area of expertise, such as Design Thinking, Fish and Seafood Cooking, Cultivation of Medicinal Plants and Sales Approach.

But if the search is for sports, Bombinhas is the stage for competitions like Indomit firecrackers, which are running events from children's modality to 42km marathon, and the 8km Swimming Challenge.

Out of season, hotels are cheaper and the city is more empty, and even if the weather forecast is not favorable to enjoy the day at sea, a visit to firecrackers It's always worth it for the schedule full of activities even in the less busy months. THE city hall tourism website provides the complete agenda and can help a lot in planning your next trip.

Things to do in Bombinhas

Bombinhas tourism tips

Bombinhas tourism tips. Photo: Gohanrs / Wikimedia Commons

Conservation units

The city has preserved majestic nature and part of this effort can be seen in the Galheta Municipal Park, Morro dos Macacos Municipal Park and Costa de Zimbros. All places have signposted trails so that visitors can explore the region and get to know the Atlantic Forest ecosystem up close.

Bombas beach

This is the busiest beach with the best infrastructure. The place is easily accessible and is on the edge of a long promenade, where tourists and locals walk and ride bicycles, and it has many options of bars and restaurants.

Ribeiro Beach

As access is only possible by a trail, the site receives fewer visitors. The path can be a little complicated, but the view will be worth it because here the Atlantic Forest forms a beautiful setting with the rocks and the short strip of sand.

Praia do Embrulho

The beach is perfect for those who like to dive because, with the calm waters, crystalline natural pools are formed that allow the observation of marine life. The place also has benches under trees, making it a great place to relax and enjoy the view.

Four Islands Beach

The place gets its name because it overlooks the four small islands off the coast. The sea here is calm and shares space with preserved forest and beautiful sand dunes. Praia das Quatro Ilhas is among the most visited in Bombinhas and has options of bars and restaurants.

Other places to visit in Bombinhas

  • marine aquarium
  • Immaculate Conception Chapel
  • Beaches:
  • firecrackers
  • Big Corner
  • conception
  • lagoon
  • pond
  • Mariscal
  • Sepultura Beach
  • Bombas beach
  • Ribeiro Beach

How to get to Bombinhas

Bombinhas tourism tips. Photo: Renato Soares / MTur

By airplane

Even though the city does not have its own airport, arrival is simple from Florianópolis and Navegantes, 60 km away from the city.

By car

The best way to get to Bombinhas is BR-101 and then follow SC-412. From the capital Florianópolis it is only 74 km away. 

By bus

Many capitals offer routes to Balneário Camboriú, which is 42 km from Bombinhas. From there it is possible to take a bus to the final destination.

Best time to visit Bombinhas

Things to do in Bombinhas

Photo: Arterra / Wikimedia Commons

Spring and summer are the busiest seasons in the city, with high temperatures that are more conducive to the beach and diving. During autumn and winter, temperatures range from 9°C to 26°C and focus on the attractions on the streets, but do not make it impossible for the local beauties to be taken advantage of.

Where to stay in Bombinhas

Bombinhas tourism tips

Bombinhas tourism tips. Photo: Ieda Funari / Wikimedia Commons

Booking offers more than 1000 options for accommodation in Bombinhas. See all available hotels on here.

Bombinhas has great hosting options on Airbnb. The platform that offers house, apartment and room rentals can be much cheaper than hotels. And if you haven't registered yet, you can use this discount code.

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