History and lots of preserved nature: check out tourism tips in Morretes, a charming city in Paraná

Colonial mansions, bucolic squares, a river following the city and, in the surroundings, a lot of nature. so it is Mortars, charming city in Serra do Mar from the state of Paraná, which is located a few kilometers from the capital Curitiba, becoming a weekend getaway for locals and tourists alike.

With a privileged location full of Atlantic Forest, waterfalls and natural landscapes, it is a paradise for fans of ecotourism activities. In the city, shops and restaurants serve the famous Barreado, a typical dish that originated in the city.

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THE Main attractions in Morretes they are concentrated on the street that borders the Nhundiaquara River, where, in the past, goods were brought from other regions and were transported in boats. The charming and historic Estrada da Graciosa crosses the municipality and takes visitors to Curitiba on a scenic walk through a cobblestone pavement.

And speaking of movies, Mortars it is also the destiny of those who carry out the train ride along the Serra do Mar Railroad, which departs from Curitiba and passes through really scenic views of the region, elected the most beautiful train route in Brazil. Check now tips for tourism in Morretes!

Tourism tips: what to do in Morretes

Tourism tips in Morretes

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historic center

stroll through historic city center, in addition to pure charm, is one of the best tourist tips in Morretes. There are several very well preserved colonial mansions from the 17th century that house shops and restaurants that serve the famous barreado, a typical dish of the region. There are also churches, bucolic squares and handicraft fairs that blend into the natural scenery of the horizon.

Nhundiaquara River

The river that cuts through the city of Morretes it was so important that the city was named after him for a period. The river was used to transport goods to other ports in the region.

Currently, its course is navigable for 12 km and, in addition to enjoying the beauty of its waters, those who want a little excitement can venture out on a cross buoy ride. Don't forget to also visit the Old Bridge, which crosses the river, is over 100 years old and is also a landmark in the city.

Graciosa Road

THE Graciosa Road connects Morretes to Curitiba in a route considered one of the most beautiful in Brazil. Full of winding curves, the trip maintains a stretch of 33 kilometers paved with cobblestones. On the way, there are many viewpoints to enjoy the view, in addition to charming scenarios and kiosks offering typical products of the region.

Morretes x Curitiba train ride

considered the most beautiful train ride in Brazil, the railroad route starts from Curitiba towards Morretes and vice versa, cuts more than 150 kilometers through Serra do Mar, passing through beautiful natural scenarios. The train crosses 30 bridges and 14 tunnels carved into the mountains, as well as an 1885 railway. There are special routes, such as a sunset tour and an extra stop in the city of Antonina.

Paraná Encantado Hisgeopar

Another tourist tip in Morretes, the Paraná Encantado Hisgeopar theme park recreates the history of the state in several miniatures that are up to 1500 times smaller than the originals. There it is possible to observe some of the most famous points of some cities in Paraná. The best part is that some of these miniatures move around, bringing even more life to the replicas.

Marumbi State Park

Those who like adventure will love the Marumbi State Park, which has an area of 370 hectares perfect for the practice of ecotourism activities. For starters, the main attraction is Pico Marumbi, which is 1539 meters high, where some brave people practice climbing and mountaineering. For those looking for tranquility, some trails provide spectacular views of the region and give access to waterfalls, such as the Marumbinistas, which has a waterfall of more than 50 meters.

How to get to Morretes

Tourism tips in Morretes

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By car

To get to Morretes by car from Curitiba, the fastest option is via BR-277. Another option, longer and winding, but much more charming, is to go down the Estrada da Graciosa, which in itself is a beautiful attraction. For this last option, prefer to go on sunny days, as there is a lot of fog in the place that can hinder visibility.

By bus

For those who go by bus, the company responsible for the route departing from Curitiba is Viação Graciosa. The conventional ticket costs R$ 25 to R$ 30 reais and there are several bus schedules. The journey takes just over 1 hour.

By train

There is also the famous and scenic option of arriving in Morretes aboard the tourist train, which departs from Curitiba. The company responsible for the route is Serra Verde Express and tickets start at R$ 125.00 per person. The journey takes approximately four hours.

Best time to visit Morretes

Tourism tips in Morretes

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If it is already cold in Curitiba, in Morretes the temperatures are even lower, with an annual average of 21°C. In addition to the tourism tips in Morretes, it is important to know that, during the summer, the weather is hot and it rains little, that is, it is the best time to visit the city. The driest month is August, the coldest month is June and the rainiest month is February.

During the year, the city hosts several festivities such as the Festa da Cachaça, which takes place in January, and offers various products based on sugar cane. In May, there is the traditional Festa do Divino, a typical religious celebration that also takes place in other cities in Paraná.

In June, the Winter Festival brings several musical performances and makes the climate even more cozy with the chill of the city. Finally, September is when the traditional and long-awaited Festa do Barreado takes place, the most famous typical food in Morretes.

Where to stay in Morretes

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Choosing where to stay in Morretes is an easy task, as it is in the Historic Center that the great concentration of restaurants, hotels, bars and attractions in Morretes are gathered. THE Pousada Bella Morretes It has a great location, and is entirely decorated with antique furniture and objects. Another option is the Nhundiaquara Hotel, considered the most beautiful accommodation in the city.

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