Rotterdam tourism tips: discover the main places to see and visit in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Home to one of the largest and most important ports in the world, Rotterdam is the main gateway to the Netherlands. Second most populous city in the nation, it is full of tree-lined streets, in addition to mixing centuries-old buildings with modern buildings. One of the main attractions in this sense are the Cubo Houses, which got their name due to the cubic shape of their upper parts.

Brought to life by the architect Piet Blom, the houses that dot the city attract the attention of tourists from all over the world for their bold and innovative appearance. A visit inside one of the decorated models is recommended. 

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Another must-see attraction in Rotterdam includes a ride through Euromast, one of the tallest towers in the region. From there, it is possible to enjoy a delicious meal in a five-star restaurant, while enjoying a panoramic view of Holland. Enjoy the tranquility and inviting streets of Holland to explore Rotterdam. One of the modernist landmarks that decorate the city is the Erasmusbrug Bridge, which opened in 1996.

Among the tours that must be on your itinerary through Rotterdam is a visit to the Bokimans Van Beuningen Museum, opened in 1849 to be the main temple of the arts in the city. The institution's collection includes works by world-renowned artists such as Salvador Dalí, Monet and Van Gogh. Opened in 2014, Rotterdam's innovative Market Hall is one of Europe's largest markets, containing an incredible array of natural products, spices and other amazing flavors of traditional Dutch cuisine. It is worth going through the corridors and tents of the place, especially on weekends.

Completing your trip to Rotterdam, try strolling along the Witte de Withstraat, one of the most bohemian parts of the city. In the surroundings it is possible to taste good cafes, bars and restaurants, in addition to finding design stores and good art galleries. Finally, taking the English style to the Dutch heart, Het Park is one of the most elegant in the city, with an incredible green area, a setting for picnics, music festivals and lots of family fun.

What to do in Rotterdam


Photo: Nicole Baster / Unsplash

cube houses

This village of houses whose roofs have taken on the shape of cubes is the result of the work of the architect Piet Blom, who revolutionized Dutch architecture. Its project was inspired by the concept of living and enjoying the roofs of homes and the cubic shape served to expand the internal space of the homes, as well as the entry of light. It is worth visiting the complex, which is close to parks, restaurants and other must-see attractions.


To have a complete view of the city of Rotterdam it is necessary to visit the Euromast, one of the largest towers in the entire region. Due to the flat geography, it is possible to enjoy a 360° view, in addition to enjoying the flavors of an exclusive restaurant. The building is next to Werk Park, one of the best in the city.


With its futuristic design, the Erasmusbrug Bridge is one of Rotterdam's postcards, offering a different view of the city's canals. It is made of steel and cable-stayed and its main pillar is 139 meters high.

Bokimans Van Beuningen Museum

Explore the unmissable collection of this great museum, which brings together renowned figures of the world arts such as Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso and other famous artists. They are modernist, baroque and impressionist, gathered in different pavilions. The place is also close to other important museums, such as the Natural History Museum.

Market Hall Rotterdam

Those who like to try new flavors and the typical cuisine of the places they travel to will find this market one of the best attractions in Rotterdam. Its modern and futuristic style welcomes several regional suppliers, as well as popular restaurants, kiosks and a multitude of fresh products, in addition to many spices. It usually hosts gastronomic festivals at certain times of the year.

Witte de Withstraat

For those who enjoy good meals, excitement and culture, you can't miss this street that crosses the central region of the city. Among the charming buildings, canals and exquisite landscaping, several bars, cafes and restaurants set the tone for the local atmosphere, which is still graced with great art galleries. 

Het Park 

Enjoy a delightful afternoon in the middle of the park that has taken the traditional landscaping of English gardens to the heart of Holland. Designed in 1852, the space is ideal for friends, couples and families, as it has barbecue facilities, a mini golf course, toys and beautiful gardens, which invite you to picnics and other adventures.

How to get to Rotterdam

Rotterdam tourism tips

Rotterdam tourism tips. Photo: Michele Henderson / Unsplash

Rotterdam is integrated with several European capitals through the railway system, with the Central Station being the busiest. The city is served by The Hague International Airport (RTM). If you are in Amsterdam and plan to go by car, just use the A4 highway, in a journey of 1 hour.

Best time to visit Rotterdam

Rotterdam tourism tips

Rotterdam tourism tips. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

THE best time to visit Rotterdam, and escape the cold, is between the months of May and October. However, even during the summer, it is recommended to bring warm clothes.

Spring in Rotterdam starts on March 21st and is the second best season to visit the city. Average temperatures are already between 2ºC and 13ºC, increasing throughout the season. Winter in Rotterdam is cold, with average temperatures between 0ºC and 7ºC.

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Where to stay in Rotterdam

Rotterdam tourism tips

Rotterdam tourism tips. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Also known for its modern and futuristic architecture, Rotterdam has great accommodation options. THE Mainport Design Hotel It has a 5 star rating and is located on the banks of the River Maas. Another indication is the Inntel Hotels Rotterdam Center and the Sroom, a hotel housed in a former power plant in the port district of Delfshaven.

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