Tourism tips in Vila Velha: with historical tours and beautiful beaches, discover the tourist attractions of the birthplace of Espírito Santo

Founded in 1535, old village it's the first city of Espírito Santo and one of the oldest Brazilian municipalities, with several historic buildings and thirty-two kilometers of coastline. This is because, located in the metropolitan region of Vitória, the destination is essential for those who go to the capital.  

There are three bridges that connect the two cities. One of them, the Senador Darcy Castello de Mendonça Bridge, known as the Third Bridge, is one of the postcards of the region. It is possible to have an incredible view of Vitória Bay as you travel its 3.33 km long.

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For those who like the sea and sun, Praia da Costa and neighboring Itapoã are the busiest on the coast, while Praia do Bananal is usually frequented by those who prefer more tranquility. 

In addition, among the most famous historical attractions in the city is the Convento da Penha, one of the oldest churches in the Holy Spirit and from where you have one of the most beautiful views of Victory and old village

check out Vila Velha tourism tips:

Tourism tips: what to do in Vila Velha

Vila Velha tourism tips

Photo: Publicity / SETUR-ES

Praia da Costa

Located 3 km from the center of Vila Velha, Praia da Costa is one of the best known in Espírito Santo and the favorite of the locals. Transparent waters with stronger waves in some stretches and calmer in others, pleases all bathers. In addition, Praia da Costa has a great infrastructure with restaurants serving good Espírito Santo food, bars, as well as inns and hotels nearby. Therefore, nin the summer, the place is crowded, and at night the boardwalk has special lighting and a fair with different types of food and handicrafts. 

Finally, take the opportunity to visit the Santa Luzia Lighthouse, at the entrance to the Vitória access channel, at the end of Praia da Costa. The metal octagonal tower is 12 meters high and was brought from the city of Glasgow, Scotland, in 1870.

Itapoã beach

Praia de Itapoã is next to Praia da Costa and is another tourist tip in Vila Velha. It has soft and clear sand and clear waters and strong waves. Thus, in the sand strip it is common to practice sports such as volleyball, soccer and racquetball.

To extend the visit to the beach, it is possible to close a tour to the islands of Itatiaia and Pituã with the boatmen who stay in Itapoã. However, approximately R$ 30 to R$70 reais is charged. With natural pools of transparent water, the islands offer an exuberant landscape to the visitor.  

Itaparica beach 

Itaparica beach is 3.5 km long and is located between the beaches of Costa and Itapoã. With kiosks and a wide strip of sand, the place welcomes families who want a quieter place, away from the hustle of Praia da Costa, for example. Thus, with trees and clear waters and strong waves, the place is great for surfing. However, attention: due to the current, the sea bath is not suitable for children. 

Barra do Jucu beach

Located in an old and charming fishing village, Barra do Jucu beach is one of the most beautiful in the region, but it doesn't offer much support to tourists like the beaches of Costa and Itaparica, for example. Thus, with strong waves, the destination is quite frequented by surfers.

Next to Barra do Jacu is Praia da Concha, separated only by a staircase and a small trail. Very small, without waves and ideal for children, the place is very frequented by the locals.

Bananal Beach 

A little piece of paradise in Vila Velha, Praia do Bananal is surrounded by hills with Atlantic forest vegetation and some houses. Small, with a short strip of sand, the place is an option out of the summer season, because, due to its limited size, it does not hold many visitors. Therefore, with calm and transparent waters, it is ideal for children to bathe in the sea.

Ponta da Fruta beach

Calm sea, short stretch of sand with rocks, trees, kiosks and bars, this is Ponta da Fruta Beach, one of the quietest destinations on the coast of Vila Velha. Thus, it is recommended for families and for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the beaches close to the city center.

Penha Convent

A famous tourist spot in Espírito Santo, founded by Frei Pedro Palácios in 1558, the Penha Convent is located at the top of a 154-meter cliff, offering one of the most beautiful views of Vitória and Vila Velha. The architectural monument in the rococo style, surrounded by the Atlantic Forest, today expanded and restored, was listed as a cultural heritage by IPHAN in 1943. 

Morro do Moreno

Located near the Penha Convent, the 184-meter hill was used as an observation post at the time of the colonization of Espírito Santo. With a panoramic view of Vila Velha and Vitória, Morro do Moreno is not only used for contemplation. The more adventurous go abseiling, biking trails and paragliding flights. Access can be done in two ways: via a dirt road with a 4×4 vehicle, on foot or mountain bike, or via several trails. The main route to the top takes the road accessible by R. Xavantes, on a light/moderate climb. 

Boy's Factory 

Another option that can please adults and children is to take a tour of the Garoto chocolate factory, located in the Glória neighborhood. Thus, on site, the visitor can follow the production, taste chocolates and check the history of the company by appointment. This is another one of the main tourist tips in Vila Velha. 

House of Memory 

Built at the end of the 19th century, one of the attractions of the place is Tram 42, which was used as public transport in the city. The museum is located at Rua Luciano das Neves and Beira Mar, in front of Praça Tamandaré.

Church of Our Lady of the Rosary 

IT'S considered a landmark of the colonization of the state and the first church built, in 1535. It is located at Rua do Rosário, 120.

Fort of São Francisco Xavier da Barra 

Moldest military monument in Espírito Santo, it currently houses exhibitions memory, history and art of the region. In addition, the incredible view to Vitória Bay is another attraction of the place. The fort is on the premises of the 38th Infantry Battalion of the Army (Batalhão Tibúrcio). 

Best time to visit Vila Velha

Vila Velha tourism tips

Photo: Publicity / SETUR-ES

With an average temperature of 24.7 °C, the city welcomes tourists all year round in search of sun and sea, mainly miners, as it is one of the closest points on the coast. THE Winter usually have weather dry and mild and the summers rainy with temperatures high. The winds are constant throughout the year, but occasionally the displacement of cold fronts causes episodes of gusty winds reaching speeds above 70 km/h.

Thus, in the summer, the city receives more visitors in search of sunny days on the region's beaches. Avoid the months of October to January if you don't want heavy rain.

How to get to Vila Velha

Vila Velha tourism tips

Photo: Publicity / SETUR-ES

By airplane 

The nearest airport is Vitória, which receives several national flights. From the airport to Vila Velha, you can choose between several lines of bus, taxi, uber or even rent a car. The airport is approximately 10 km from Vila Velha.

By car

Departing from Rio de Janeiro, the most common route is the BR-101, over a distance of about 530 km. Once in Espírito Santo, follow the ES-060 (Rodovia do Sol) through the entrance to Guarapari, which even provides a beautiful view of the beach region. From Belo Horizonte, the shortest route is around 520 km via BR-262. Leaving São Paulo, with more than 900 km of distance, the route is made via BR-116 and BR-101.

By bus

Several buses make the route to Vila Velha departing from the main Brazilian cities such as Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, Curitiba, Belo Horizonte and São Paulo. 

Where to stay in Vila Velha

Vila Velha tourism tips

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