The island of magic has many options of beaches and tourist attractions to discover. See a selection of the must-see tours in Florianópolis for your next trip 

One of the most sought after destinations in southern Brazil, Florianopolis, capital of Santa Catarina, is an island approximately 54 km long. There is one of the most coveted New Year's Eve parties in Brazil, with lots of parties and, of course, beaches, which motivates many tourists to visit the place. If you're thinking about traveling to the destination, see unmissable tours to do in Florianópolis during your stay on the island. You will definitely want to come back again and again. 

Joaquina Beach 

florianopolis tourist attractions

Tourist attractions in Florianópolis: Praia da Joaquina. Photo: Camilla Costa Gonçalves / Wikimedia Commons

It is one of most famous beaches in Florianopolis for attracting many surfers and tourists interested in knowing its dunes and practicing skibunda. With fine sand and greenish sea, it is a unmissable tour in Floripa! As well as discovering the bars and restaurants located on the outskirts of the beach.

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Praia Mole 

Florianopolis Santa Catarina

Photo: Papa Pic / Wikimedia Commons

If you are looking for a place to forget about everyday problems, be sure to visit Praia Mole, whose motto says a lot about the place: “Life is hard, but the beach is soft”. Despite its name, it is located in the open sea and its waves are very strong, making it one of the favorites for surfers and paragliders. There are few kiosks, which gives the beach a more rustic look.


florianopolis tourist attractions

Photo: Adrenailha Florianópolis / Flickr

Ingleses is a neighborhood in Florianópolis with a good commercial structure and beautiful beaches, which leads many tourists to stay in the region to escape the most popular places. The stretch of Praia dos Ingleses is the biggest attraction, which houses resorts, hotels and inns in less icy waters. Many people consider that the beach is outside the standard of Floripa, which is well known for having a very cold sea. 

Barra da Lagoa

Unmissable tours in Florianopolis

Tourist attractions in Florianópolis: Barra da Lagoa. Photo: Larissa Fraga / Wikimedia Commons

Considered the largest fishing center in Santa Catarina, Barra da Lagoa is a small district of the capital that is very simple, but has a good infrastructure for tourists. Main tourist spot is Praia Barra da Lagoa, which has a vast expanse of sand, as there is nothing physical separating it from the beach in Mozambique, it looks like a single shore. Thus, there is a section where the sea is more agitated and another one that is calmer, pleasing different audiences. 

Natural pools in Barra da Lagoa

florianopolis tourist attractions

Photo: Tiago Vidal Dutra / Flickr

Close to Barra da Lagoa beach, there are its natural pools, which on calm sea days are crystal clear and still, which explains the beauty of the place.

The place is undoubtedly one of the unmissable tours to discover in Florianópolis and its access is quite easy. Just take a trail at the end of the beach and in 15 minutes of walking you will be there. 


Unmissable tours in Florianopolis

Photo: Otávio Nogueira / Flickr

If you are looking for a quieter place to escape the crowds on the sand, include Campeche in your list, a neighborhood that has been growing in Florianopolis and which offers good options for tours for travelers, as well as accommodation. And of course, as it is an island, the main attraction could not fail to be Praia do Campeche, which is 3 km long. Like most of the region, it has strong waves, a cold but greenish and crystalline sea, which reinforce the natural beauty of the place. 

Campeche Island 

Unmissable tours in Florianopolis

Tourist attractions in Florianópolis: Ilha do Campeche. Photo: Rodrigo Soldon / Flickr

Now, if you want to find paradise (not lost), visit Campeche Island, which is 1.5 kilometers from the beach of the same name. There, visitors find a unique place with archaeological sites with cave paintings, trails and a very preserved nature. It is a great place to go snorkeling and diving, as the marine life is very present there.

To get there, just look for boat and schooner trips that leave from Praia da Armação, Barra da Lagoa and Praia do Campeche itself. 

Jurerê Internacional

florianopolis tourist attractions

Photo: Tiago Vidal Dutra / Flickr

Synonymous with hype and luxury, Jurerê Internacional it is a destination known worldwide for attracting celebrities and millionaires. The condominium that houses Jurerê Beach and bears the same name, is made up of hotels, inns, summer houses, but also luxurious mansions, electronic clubs, bars and chic restaurants, which fill up in high season. 

The beach has a calm sea, with a narrow strip of sand with stalls for drinks and snacks. It's a good place to spend the day and get to know this other side of Floripa. 

Galheta beach

Santa Catarina

Photo: Papa Pic / Wikimedia Commons

considered one of the most beautiful attractions of Florianopolis, Praia da Galheta still maintains rustic airs and a well-preserved nature. There are only 950m of shoreline, but that leave tourists enchanted with clear waters. It is also highly sought after by people who are adept at naturalism. To get there, you need to take a short 20-minute trail that leaves Praia Mole, or if you prefer to venture out, there is an access through Barra da Lagoa, by a medium difficulty path. Anyway, worth the visit. 

Armação Beach

Santa Catarina

Photo: Rodrigo Soldon / Flickr

Recommended for people who seek rest in the midst of nature, Praia da Armação is located in a fishermen's colony. It is very welcoming and has kiosks and restaurants close by, in addition to being a starting point for some tours of the island, as boats depart from there to Lagoinha do Leste, Praia do Matadeiro and Campeche Island.

Lagoinha do Leste

Florianopolis beaches

Photo: Pxhere

Other Hidden paradise in Florianopolis, Lagoinha do Leste is a beach with a strip of sand, soft, white and little frequented, since getting to it is an adventure. There are two options, by boat or by trails that start in Pântano do Sul or Praia do Matadeiro. Both paths are in the middle of dense forest and require a lot of effort, but guarantee stunning visuals. 

Morro da Cruz viewpoint

Unmissable tours in Florianopolis

Tourist attractions in Florianópolis: Mirante Morro da Cruz. Photo: Disclosure

Don't end your trip to Floripa without visiting the Mirante Morro da Cruz, which is at an altitude of 285 meters and is responsible for one of the best views in the region. Located in the center of the city, it is easily accessible and from up there people can see a good part of the south of the island and the entire continent. 

Municipal market

Florianopolis tourist attractions

Photo: Rodrigo Soldon / Flickr

When visiting the city centre, make a stop at the Municipal market, one of the Florianopolis's main postcards. There is no shortage of options for shops with souvenirs, it is almost an open-air mall, with several boxes of stores. And of course, regional delicacies to taste.

Saint Anthony of Lisbon


Unmissable tours in Florianópolis: Santo Antônio de Lisboa. Photo: Simone Balster / Wikimedia Commons

A historic neighborhood that is pure charm in Floripa, Santo Antônio de Lisboa is the place that no tourist wants to leave. There are several historic buildings, houses, churches and several restaurant options. But the main attraction of the place is the sunset, which makes the edge of the beach fill with people waiting for this spectacle of nature. 

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