One of the great doubts of tourists who pass through the Archipelago of Fernando de Noronha and will stay for a few days is to know which are the best tours to do on the island. The destination is a full plate for nature lovers and ecotourism, with numerous beaches, trails, viewpoints, natural pools and diving spots that are among the best in the world.

Many travel agencies offer some options for tours that offer tourists another way to get to know and enjoy the archipelago. City tours, boat trips and nautical activities are the attractions most sought after and performed in Fernando de Noronha.

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Return to the island by boat

If you want to know the geography of the island, the ideal is to do a tour by boat on the first day. In addition to taking advantage of the stops at sea and checking out the view of the island with a privileged view of the fisherman, the tour is a great way to get to know all the beaches on the island and decide which one to enjoy more calmly on the other days staying in Fernando de Noronha.

You tours by boat that surround the island, leave every day and are offered by several receptive agencies. The itinerary starts at Porto beach and visitors are taken on a delicious trip over the clear waters of the archipelago, the most efficient way to spot a group of dolphins during the trip.


Sub Plane

Adventurers will love the Plana Sub! In the attraction, the tourist is literally carried on the high seas by small boards that are towed by small boats. The boards can be controlled according to the movement of the hands, when facing downwards, the tourist is driven deeper, when the board is towards the surface, visitors continue the tour afloat, just visualizing the marine life below.  



the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha It is one of the best places for diving in the world. The reason is the excellent visibility of the transparent waters in this location on the Atlantic, another super important factor for the position is the gigantic marine life that is sheltered throughout the archipelago. The island also offers numerous shipwrecks with dozens of species that are sheltered in the ruins of the boats.


Island Tour

All agencies offer a quick tour of the island made in 4×4 cars or buggy, on the tour visitors pass through the main villages, viewpoints and beaches of Noronha with stops to enjoy the best of each attraction.


Vessel Nave

Affectionately nicknamed Nave, the incredible vessel that has an open space with a transparent bottom inside, it works as a kind of magnifying glass where its crew can check out the beauties of the turquoise sea of the archipelago.

THE tour it lasts around 1h30 with a journey to the secondary islands where there is a great variety of species to be observed at the bottom of the boat.

noronha ship

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