We have prepared valuable tips on the best tours in Nobres. If you plan to travel there, you need to know which are the main attractions to visit in the destination. Check out!

Did you know that there are several tours in Nobres that leave nothing to be desired for the famous Beautiful? Crystal clear rivers, caves and waterfalls are among the main attractions to meet at the destination.

Although little known, the city has countless natural beauties and is one of the most amazing places in Mato Grosso. And, unlike the trendiest destination in Mato Grosso do Sul, it has much more affordable prices.

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To the travel to Nobres, get ready to float in transparent waters and observe many fish, discover caves and waterfalls that are great for refreshing baths. All in extreme contact with nature, without cell phone signal or internet. Don't even be surprised if you come across monkeys and macaws while walking.

Find out which are the best tours in Nobres

Want to know what are the best tours in Nobres? So, check out this post that we prepared with 7 attractions to visit in the destination that bring together the best to see and do there.

Enchanted Aquarium

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Photo: ReginaaAlves / Wikimedia Commons

A blue lake, with extremely crystalline waters, where you can see dozens of fish. so is the Enchanted Aquarium, one of the most incredible tours in Nobres. The place is very popular for the practice of snorkeling – surface diving.

Despite being small, the beautiful natural aquarium is up to 6 meters deep and its waters have a bluish color due to the abundant minerals in the region. Located in a reserved area, among many trees, the Aquário Encantado can be visited after purchasing a voucher at one of the city's tourist agencies. However, the stay on site is limited to 30 minutes and the use of a life jacket and sneakers is mandatory.

Aquário Encantado is located in Recanto Ecológico Lagoa Azul, 12 km from Vila Bom Jardim and 53 km from Nobres.

Serra Azul Waterfall

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Photo: Bernardo Cassaro / Wikimedia Commons

THE Serra Azul Waterfall It is one of most beautiful places to visit from Nobres. As the name suggests, the 45-meter high waterfall has blue waters that form a beautiful pool, great for bathing and floating among the various fish that live there. Wide, the well is up to 6 meters deep and 30 meters in diameter. 

The waterfall is located within an area of the Sesc Pantanal and can be accessed by trail, through a guided tour. Another leisure option on the site is a zipline with 50 meters of height and 700 meters of descent.

Located in the city of Rosário Oeste, Cachoeira Serra Azul is 25 km from Vila Bom Jardim and 89 km from Nobres.

Lagoon of Macaws

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Photo: Marinelson Almeida / Flickr

Unlike other portions of water in nobles, Lagoa das Araras has characteristics of swamp and visitors seek it out to see the birds that inhabit its surroundings. Home to macaws, parrots, parakeets and several other birds, the place is a great option for those who enjoy ecotourism. 

In addition, the sunset at Lagoa das Araras is stunning. And, so that you can contemplate all the beauty of the place, there are several benches scattered around it. Located in a conservation area, the lagoon can be visited by paying an entrance fee.

Lagoa das Araras is 3 km from Vila Bom Jardim and 65 km from Nobres.

Estivated bathhouse

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Photo: Disclosure

great option of tour in Nobres, Balneário Estivado is a place to enjoy with family or friends. There is a large lagoon with crystal clear water, where you can cool off and swim among the many fish that live there. The Balneário Estivado lagoon is even a great option for those traveling with children, as it has no current and is just over half a meter deep. 

Located on a private property, the resort has other attractions focused on nature, such as the observation of capuchin monkeys. In addition, it has a restaurant, where lunch and snacks are served. 

It is just 1 km from Vila Bom Jardim and 65 km from Nobres.

sad river

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Photo: rotadasaguas

Floating on the Rio Triste is one of the best tours in Nobres. The river has crystalline and blue waters where several species of fish live that can be observed in fluctuations in a stretch of 1 km.

During the descent of the Rio Triste, it is possible to see several species of aquatic plants and stones with unusual shapes - resulting from the action of the waters on the limestone -, in addition to the various fish and stingrays. 

To do this tour, however, it is necessary to be accompanied by an accredited guide. It is not allowed to step on the bottom of the river, nor to use repellent and sunscreen. These measures aim to guarantee the conservation of the area.

The Triste River is 86 km from Nobres.

Quebó Duct Grotto

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Photo: Disclosure

The Duto do Quebó Cave is a 280-meter tunnel in the course of the river, full of stalactites on its roof. Inside the cave, the waters of the Quebó river reach only knee height, so it is possible to cross it with tranquility.

Generally, the tour to the Gruta Duto do Quebó is made by buoy-cross and continues for another 1.8 km downstream. For this, it is necessary to accompany a guide and the use of helmets, vests and flashlights.

Gruta Duto do Quebó is 35 km from Vila Bom Jardim and 60 km from Nobres.

Blue Lagoon Ecological Nook

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Located on a private farm, Recanto Ecológico Lagoa Azul is a great place for those who want to enjoy the natural beauties of Nobres with a good structure of services. The place has a bar and restaurant and a specialized team to receive ecotourists.

It serves as a resting base for those who float on the Salobra River and visit the Enchanted Aquarium. In addition, Recanto Ecológico is located in an area of 54 bushels of transitional forest between the Cerrado and the Amazon forest. 

Recanto Ecológico Lagoa Azul is located in Vila Bom Jardim, 53 km from the center of Nobres.

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