Find out where to stay and what to do in Paraty, speedboat rides, extreme activities, trails and diving are some of the activities

paraty, on the south coast of Rio de Janeiro, is one of the most charming destinations to visit in Brazil. Those looking for what to do in this paradisiacal setting will not be disappointed, as the activities are numerous and varied. The city is a vivid portrait of the country's past, with its charming colonial-style buildings, cobbled streets – made by children and slaves, and its privileged natural landscape. To enjoy beaches with crystalline waters, trails in the midst of exuberant nature, dives to see the most fantastic creatures and several other stunning tours, paraty is the best choice.

the city of Cachaça Festival hides on its coast islands and charming beaches and who takes you to discover these attractions is the Pompano Tours, one of the best oldest tour companies paraty. The team is made up of Davi Trindade, Francisca Ponta Negra, Leandro Santos and Fábio Médici and has three speedboats available, with capacities for five, eight and 14 people. With staff who speak English, Spanish and even Indonesian, and who are specialists in friendliness and cordiality, it offers a wide variety of itineraries to delight the whole family.

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Among the best tours to do with pompano, is the classic route that travels the majestic path between paraty it's the Mamanguá bag, the famous tropical fjord. The route introduces visitors to the magic of the local fauna and flora, with stops that allow you to observe the monkeys, birds and other animals of the forests. With an average duration of six hours, the script also passes through points such as the Grocery Island, Long Island, Old woman's bag, surprise stop it's the Mamanguá bag.

Another interesting route to discover is the Costa Verde itinerary, provides a dip in the most varied shades of green and blue that paint the coast of the region. The route has one of the most fantastic beaches, the Jurumirim Beach, ideal for relaxing by the sea. already in blue Lagoon diving is the main attraction.

For those who like adventure and adrenaline, one of the tours that is worth it is the script Fitness, offered by pompano. Athletes will walk the path of conquest of the Mamanguá Peak, one of the most exciting natural settings in Rio de Janeiro. After enjoying the view, you will jump into a kayak, paddling through the Mamanguá mangrove.

In addition to these unmissable itineraries, several activities such as diving with snorkel, stand-up-paddle, water skiing and wakeboard are available. In the urban area, several historical and cultural landmarks, as well as delicious restaurants and magnificent art galleries are the best attractions. A good lodging option, in a strategic area of the historic center, is the boutique hotel Paraty Colonial House, one of the most luxurious and sophisticated.

See here some of must-see tourist attractions in paraty:

What to do

Itinerary from Paraty to Mamanguá

Leaving the pier at the port of paraty the tourist boards one of the comfortable speedboats of Palombetas and leaves towards the famous tropical fjord, the Mamanguá bag. The path introduces visitors to the city's most famous islands, such as Grocery Island, where, in the past, supplies that came to the city by ship were stored. With stops to observe the animals and vegetation, as well as to dive and interact with the marine fauna, the boat still passes through the Long Island, fur Old woman's bag, has a surprise stop and ends with a delicious lunch at Mamanguá bag.

Photo: Publicity Palombeta Agency

Green Coast itinerary

An adventure focusing on the dazzling color palette that unites forests and sea waters. passing by the charming Jurumirim Beach, with its white sands and tropical look, tourists can also get to know the islands of grocery and long. One of the highlights is the blue Lagoon, one of the most magical scenarios on the regional coast. Diving there yields an afternoon of relaxation and great photographs.

Photo: Publicity Palombeta Agency

Fitness Roadmap

Who likes adrenaline and extreme sports, the pompano also offers itineraries to add emotion to your tour. Specialists in the geography and nature of the region, the employees take tourists on a tour that includes climbing the Mamanguá Peak. The ascent takes visitors to one of the most captivating views in the entire paraty bay. THE Cruzeiro Beach is included in the itinerary, as well as a kayak tour in the mangrove and a visit to the Rio Negro waterfall.

Photo: Publicity Palombeta Agency

Big Island itinerary

Lasting approximately seven hours, the trip to the Big Island It is one of the most delicious tours offered by the company, as well as one of the most sought after by tourists. The tour around the island, which has more than 100 beaches, allows visitors to enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The speedboat travels through the most charming spots in a single day. Among the stops are included visits to the Praia do Aventureiro, Lopes Mendes and blue Lagoon. There is a stop for lunch.

Photo: Alexandrefutata / Wikimedia Commons

Caiçara Culture Tour

Immerse yourself in the fantastic caiçara culture as you travel through different parts of the municipality. The tourist is introduced to the true meaning of being a resident of paraty. The tour shows an authentic Vila Caiçara, where it is possible to explore a manioc flour house and a traditional cachaça still. In addition, you can enjoy Praia da Lula and a stop for lunch.

Photo: Rogério Cassimiro / MTUR

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