Discover illuminated attractions to enjoy in Paris at night

Paris is not known as the City of Light by chance. When night falls, the city lights up and creates a romantic, special and truly unique atmosphere. That's why seeing the city with its lights on at night is a must on any trip to the French capital.

be climbing on Eiffel Tower lit up, making a night boat ride on the river Seine or checking a vibrant cancan show in one of the great cabarets in the city, the Parisian night is surprising and should be included in any itinerary.

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For those who do not feel ready to face a night full of tours after a busy day in the city, one is to hire a Paris night city tour. Our tip is France among Friends, a company specialized in receiving Brazilians in France that offers night tours around the city in comfortable cars and with drivers who speak Portuguese. It's a nice way to enjoy the best that Paris has to offer at night in a safe and peaceful way.

check out 7 must-see tips for what to do in Paris at night.

Traditional cabaret shows

tips paris at night

Photo: Christine Zenino / Wikimedia Commons

To get into a typically French atmosphere, don't hesitate to include one of the famous shows that take place in famous cabarets at night in the city. The most famous of them, without a doubt, is the Moulin Rouge. Inaugurated in 1889, the concert hall offers a dinner and a glamorous presentation where numbers of the famous cancan are shown.

For those who prefer a more modern presentation and with several technological resources, the Crazy Horse presents a show full of sensuality and emotion, as well as offering a great dinner. Very close to there is also the Read, where there is a show that tells an emotional story in about an hour and a half. The feathers, the wealth of numbers and the talents displayed on stage are unmissable.

For those who feel like belle époque Paris, the Paradise Latin, near the Notre Dame Cathedral, recreates the performances of the city's heyday. The house, which is considered the oldest cabaret in the world, offers a true return to the past and offers the most classic French dance and music performances, also accompanied by a dinner.

Secret bars in Paris

tips paris at night

Photo: Pedro Szekely / Flickr

For those who want to enjoy the night in Paris enjoying a little more action, the city is full of options of bars and restaurants that start to boil as soon as the sun goes down. Whether to taste elaborate drinks, wines, good beers or to play on the dance floors, there is no lack of options in Paris to amuse and entertain tourists. The best time to visit the bars in the area is around 10 pm. Bars are concentrated, especially in bohemian Parisian regions such as Montmartre and Pigalle, in addition to the Latin quarter of the city, the Latin Quarter. the region of Champs-Élysées also offers some establishments for those who want to enjoy the night intensely.

Montparnasse Tower Observatory

Photo: Getfunky / Wikimedia Commons

Another place that allows for an impressive view of the French capital at dusk is the Montparnasse Tower. From the top of its 210 meters, it is possible to take some of the best photos of the Eiffel Tower all lit up, in addition to seeing the city full of lit monuments. The panoramic view makes for good photos, as well as being one of the best tours to do in Paris at night.

Boat trip on the River Seine

tips paris at night

Photo: skeeze / Pixabay

THE night cruise on the river Seine It is one of the most charming and romantic overnight tours in Paris. The route navigates through some of the most iconic spots in the city, such as the Louvre, the Pont des Arts, the National Assembly, Notre Dame Cathedral and the fabulous Eiffel Tower. The glow of the illuminated attractions is capable of moving anyone.

night at the opera

tips paris at night

Photo: Degrémont Anthony / Wikimedia Commons

The French capital has many night attractions for opera lovers. With a vibrant scene and a varied offer of shows, the modern Opera Bastille offers presentations that range from the most classic, such as “La Bohéme” and “The Magic Flute”, to the most contemporary.

already the classic Opera Garnier, opened in 1875, has regular presentations, but also offers guided tours for those who want to appreciate its fantastic and sophisticated architecture. Without a doubt, checking out one of these shows is one of the must-see tours to do in Paris at night.

Eiffel Tower illuminated

Photo: Pxhere

There are more than 300 projectors that light up at night, illuminating the biggest Parisian postcard. Will see Eiffel Tower illuminated it is almost a must for anyone visiting Paris. It is also possible to climb the tower at night, having a panoramic and privileged view of the entire city. As much as you have already climbed the tower during the day, at night it gains a special charm.

Night City Tour in Paris

tips paris at night

Photo: Creative Commons Zero – CC0

Nothing like walking through the city of light at night and passing by each illuminated tourist spot, right? This will depend on your mood, since, at the end of the day, you often lack the mood to face another sequence of tours. Also, this task gets a little more complicated during winter, when temperatures drop even further at night.

As we have already said, one solution is to hire a Paris night city tour not to miss the chance to see the whole city lit up. Our tip is France among Friends, a company that carries out a tour of the main monuments and attractions mentioned here to enjoy during the night in the city, with comfortable cars and drivers who speak Portuguese.

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