The Abrolhos underwater trail stimulates tourism as well as awareness of marine diversity and conscious diving

Located on the south coast of Bahia, The Abrolhos National Park it is one of the most sought after destinations by those who are passionate about trails. But this year the National park became even more attractive: a underwater trail of the Mau-Mau Chapeirão.

Reaching almost 20 meters in height and 50 meters in diameter, the chapeirões are ancient reefs that only exist in the archipelago of Abrolhos. As it is a preserved area, it is possible to come into contact with a vast ecosystem of local fauna and flora.

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THE trail accompanied by conductors, it takes place underwater, where you can check the marine diversity that exists in the place. The intention is not just about a tourist attraction, but also an awareness of the local flora and fauna, being able to appreciate, for example, the giant anemones threatened with extinction, in addition to other animals.

THE tour corresponds one route that stretches along 16 chapeirões – isolated coral columns that grow on the ocean floor – seagrasses, kelp beds and other reef formations. A vast ecosystem indeed!


THE diving it can also be done at night, resulting in a unique experience!

The first National Marine Park inaugurated in Brazil represents a milestone in the conservation of marine life - precisely because of the immensity of the Brazilian coast -, and now, with another attraction for lovers of diving, adventure, nature and trails.

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