THE trenitalia, an Italian railway group, inaugurated last Saturday (18) a new high-speed train line, connecting the city of Milan, in Italy, to Paris, in France. The route crosses the Alps and is done by Frecciarossa 1000 in up to seven hours. Among the stops on the route are: Porta Susa station in Turin, Italy, and Modane, Chambéry and Part-Dieu in Lyon, France.

The new route between Milan and Paris represents an important connection between the two countries. Over the last two years, Italy and France are no longer connected by rail routes due to the pandemic: the night train from Venice to Paris was suspended, as was the day trip between Milan, Genoa, Nice and Marseille.

The train

The service is available in four “classes” inside the wagons: executive, more expensive and with amenities; premium, where drinks and snacks are served during the trip; business, of intermediate pattern; standard, the economy class, with lower prices; Besides the living room meeting, a meeting car where you can work and the restaurant car.

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Trenitalia inaugurated train connecting Milan to Paris

Frecciarossa 1000 Photo: Publicity

Due to Covid-19, the train has its food services suspended. The beverage service is still active, in some cases the food can also be served directly at the customer's seat. You need to check which services will be running when you buy your ticket.

In addition, the classes are divided into two categories: “silence" and "Allegro“. The first, for those looking for tranquility to travel without noise, and the second, for those who want to travel talking, accompanied by friends and family. In addition, Trains offer free internet, magazines, books, movies and music.


Milan is known as the “Fashion Capital”. So, if you like this subject, in addition to art, entertainment and gastronomy, you will love visiting the place. Below are two places to enjoy while waiting for the Frecciarossa 1000 to leave or arrive in town:

Piazza del Duomo

Trenitalia inaugurated train connecting Milan to Paris

Piazza Del Duomo Photo: Websi/Pixabay

Piazza del Duomo is one of the most frequented places by tourists in the city. This is mainly because Milan Cathedral is located there. However, around piazza, we find several famous buildings, cafes, establishments and even one of the busiest subway stations. Watching the sun go down in Piazza del Duomo is an unforgettable experience.

Sforzesco Castle

Castello Sforzesco was built 1368 as a fortress. It was later transformed into a palace that was practically destroyed during the Ambrosian Republic in the 15th century. Inside the Castello, there are 7 museums with a lot of history, they are: Museum of Ancient Art, Pinacoteca, Egyptian Museum, Museum of Prehistory and Proto-history, Museum of Decorative Arts, Museum of Musical Instruments and Museum of Furniture.

Trenitalia inaugurated train connecting Milan to Paris

Castello Sforzesco Photo: gianninalin/Pixabay

The visit includes a tour through all of them for an affordable price. However, if you are not interested in visiting the museums, you can go inside to discover the castle's central courtyard, which is open to the public for free.


Have you arrived in Paris, or are you leaving the city for Milan, but you still have time and want to enjoy it? Simple! Walk from the Louvre Museum to the Arc de Triomphe! Take a look at what you'll find on this path:

Louvre Museum

Train connects Italy to France

Louvre Museum Photo: 139904/Pixabay

The Louvre has a collection of approximately 300,000 works prior to 1948. Approximately 35,000 of these are on display. So if you want to visit the museum and other places, I suggest you get there knowing where to go. The collection is thematically organized into different areas: Oriental antiquities, Egyptian antiquities, Greek, Roman and Etruscan antiquities, history of the Louvre and the Medieval Louvre, painting, sculpture, art objects, graphic arts and Islamic art.

Eiffel Tower

Leaving the Louvre, if you follow the path to the Arc de Triomphe, you will pass through several tourist attractions in Paris. However, you cannot suggest two points in the city without remembering it: the Eiffel Tower. Created for the Universal Exhibition in Paris, in 1889, by Gustave Eiffel, the tower is 300 m high.

Train connects Italy to France

Eiffel Tower Photo: NguyenBinh735/Pixabay

If you are not afraid of heights, you can climb to the top – by stairs or elevator. The tip is to go in the morning, when there is little line or in the late afternoon, to see the city of light from the top of this monument, which was one of the finalists in the vote to be one of the 7 Wonders of the Modern World.


After enjoying both cities, don't forget your initial purpose. Take the Frecciarossa 1000 from Milan to Paris or vice versa. See departure times:

From Milan: 6:25 am and 3:50 pm
Arriving in Paris: 1:20 pm and 10:25 pm
Leaving Paris: 7:25 am and 3:20 pm
Arriving in Milan: 2:07 pm and 10:07 pm

The cheapest tickets for the trip are from 24.60 euros.

Ticket purchases can be made in advance by site or at the ticket offices of the stations. Trenitalia allows you to change your ticket shortly before boarding, but you have to pay for the difference between the fares, if any. In case of cancellation of the trip, a fee will be paid. 20% of the value.

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