in Europe the railway lines are very common among the population and tourists. Surprisingly, it's a quick way to get to know different regions, as well as allowing you to cross long distances in a short time. But here in Brazil the scenery is also very attractive. Therefore, national train rides can guarantee an unforgettable experience.

Certainly, through these tours, the traveler travels scripts that take you to different regions of the Brazil, with landscapes where there are waterfalls, valleys, mountains, fields and viewpoints.

Therefore, we selected some routes of train that take you to unique places. See which one suits your profile and, without a doubt, take a trip to the past, back to the times of rail transport.

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Discover 10 train rides to do in Brazil

Serra do Mar – Curitiba (PR) to Morretes (PR)

Train ride - Serra do Mar

1. Photo: Disclosure

Serra do Mar - Morrestes - PR

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Exit: Curitiba Bus Station – PR
Destiny: Marumbi/Morretes/Paranaguá – PR
Route: 110 km


  • Marumbi State Park, a beautiful region with Atlantic forest vegetation, rupestrian forests and high altitude fields; Marumbi Station where climbers and trekkers descend
  • Pico do Marumbi, 1,547m high in the middle of a mountain range
  • Waterfalls (70m) of Rio dos Macacos over granite slab
  • Panoramic view of Serra da Graciosa
  • Curves, tunnels, viaducts and bridges; and guides who tell you about local history and sights


Av Pres. Affonso Camargo, 330 Rodoferroviária Station, downtown Curitiba; tel: (41) 3323-4007.

Train from São João del Rei (MG) to Tiradentes (MG)

Sao Joao del Rei - MG

3. Photo: Disclosure

Tiradentes - MG

4. Photo: Disclosure

Exit: Sao Joao del Rey - MG
Arrival: straps
Route: 13 km


  • Historical cities; roundabout of São João Del Rey station and Railway Museum
  • Rio das Mortes, stage of the Emboabas War (1707-1709)
  • Serra de São José
  • Mining farms.


Av Hermillio Alves, 366, São João Del Rey, MG tel: (32) 3371-8485.

Wine Train – Bento Gonçalves (RS) to Garibaldi / Carlos Barbosa (RS)

Train Tour - Bento Gonçalves

5. Photo: Disclosure

Exit: Bento Goncalves – RS
Destiny: Garibaldi / Carlos Barbosa – RS
Route: 23 km


  • mountain landscape
  • Theatrical performances and typical dances of immigrants
  • Wine and Champagne Cheese Tasting


Rua 13 de Maio, 581, store 109, Bento Gonçalves; tel: (54) 3455-2788;

Campinas (SP) to Jaguariúna (SP)

Campinas, sp

6. Photo: Disclosure

Exit: Anhumas Station in Campinas – SP
Destiny: Jaguariúna - SP
Route: 24.5 km


  • Anhumas Station
  • Dynamic Museum Railroad Campinas-Jaguariúna
  • Strategic stop in Pedro Américo to present the operation of the locomotive and other stations dating from 1920.


Dr Street Antônio Duarte da Conceição, 1500, Campinas,
Sao Paulo; tel: (19) 3207-4290 and 3207-3637

Capixabas Mountains – Viana (ES) to Araguaia (ES)

Viana - ES

7. Photo: Publicity

Exit: Viana Railway Station – ES
Destiny: Araguaia - ES
Route: 46 km


  • Capixaba Mountains
  • Municipality of Domingos Martins
  • Municipality of Marechal Floriano


Rua Gelu Vervloet, 500, Victoria,
Victory; tel: (27) 3237-1789

 Blink Horizonte (MG) to Cariacica (ES)

Belo Horizonte - MG train

8. Photo: Disclosure

Exit: Belo Horizonte Railway Station – MG
Destiny: Pedro Nolasco Station – ES
Route: 664 km


  • Along the way, farms, towns and small communities appear.
  • The mighty Rio Doce and its backwaters
  • Dams, tunnels, mountain ranges, viaducts and old stations


Rua Aarão Reis, 425, Praça da Estação – Centro – Belo Horizonte,
Belo Horizonte; tel: (31) 3279-4366 (31) 3273-5976 / (31) 3273-5976 – 0800 286 2233 – 0800-985151

Train from Pantanal – Campo Grande (MS) to Miranda (MS)

MS train rides

9. Photo: Disclosure

MS train rides

10 Photo: Publicity

soutput: Indubrasi train station – MS
Destiny: Miranda Train Station – MS
Route: 130 km


  • Serra do Maracaju
  • Serra da Bodoquena, and the areas with flowering ipês
  • Along the way, rivers and waterfalls make the tour even more surprising due to the beauty of Mato Grosso do Sul's nature.


Large field; tel: (67) 3043-2233

Corcovado Train – Rio de Janeiro

Train rides - Corcovado RJ

11. Photo: Disclosure

Corcovado RJ

12. Photo: Publicity

Exit: Bairro Cosme Velho – RJ, daily from 8 am to 6:30 pm
Destiny: Top of Corcovado Hill – RJ
Route: 4 km


  • Tijuca Forest
  • Christ the Redeemer Monument
  • View from Mirante to the city of Rio de Janeiro
  • Old Cosme Velho Station


Rua Cosme Velho, 513; tel. (21) 2558-1329.

Railway – Pindamonhangaba (SP) to Campos do Jordão (SP)

Train in Sao Paulo

13. Photo: Publicity

SP train ride

14. Photo: Publicity

Exit: Pindamonhangaba – SP
Destiny: Campos do Jordão – SP
Route: 47 km


  • The 47 km route crosses the Paraíba do Sul River Bridge, makes the first stop at Balneário Reino das Águas and heads to Santo Antônio do Pinhal Station
  • Vale do Lajeado and Pedra do Baú;
  • Campos do Jordão/Santo Antonio do Pinhal:
  • Panoramic view of the highest railway point in the country (1,743m),
  • Lookout N. Mrs. helper.
  • Pindamonhangaba/Parque Reino das Águas Claras


Rua Martin Cabral 87, Pindamonhangaba, SP; tel. (12) 3644-7408 and 3644-7409.

Train in Serra do Navio Amapá (AP)

Train ride - AP

15. Photo: Publicity

Exit: Macapá Train Station – AP
Destiny: Serra do Navio Railway Station – AP
Route: 194 km


  • The train passes through dense forests, mixes between mountains and mountains of manganese and villages that border the railway.
  • Amapari River and its streams
  • Santana
  • Porto Grande
  • White Stone of Amapari


Tel: (096) 3281-2572

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