The operation will start operating on Saturday, the 31st, without charging a fee, and will take passengers from the metro-railway network of Greater São Paulo to the busiest airport in Brazil.

It took a while, but it arrived. From next Saturday, March 31st, access to the Cumbica International Airport, in guarulhos, it will get easier. This is because Line 13 – Jade, will start to work, taking passengers from the network subway from São Paulo to the busiest airport in Brazil.

For those who have always found it difficult to arrive at the airport without resorting to a ride, taxi or transport apps, this new option can help – and a lot – the lives of those who enjoy traveling.

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How will it work?

The new line will have a total length of 12.2 kilometers and three stations: Airport-Guarulhos, Guarulhos-Cecap and Goulart Engineer, the latter, already inaugurated, will be the point of integration with line 12-Safira (Brás).

During this first month, as a way of testing the efficiency of the project, the trains they will run free of charge only on Saturdays and Sundays, from 10 am to 3 pm, with a 30-minute break. As of May, the line will continue to operate at the same time and still for free, but every day of the week.  

In June, the operation will begin to circulate normally, every day, from 4 am to midnight, with the usual charge for the R$ 4 ticket. Goulart Engineer. In this case, the route can be made from the Brás station, line 12-Sapphira, to the Aeroporto-Guarulhos station at busy times, without the need to change trains.

Finally, in July, the Airport-Express service starts operating. Here, the passenger will be able to arrive at the airport from Luz station. The journey will take 35 minutes, at four scheduled times. In this operation, the tariff will be different, but the values have not yet been defined.  

To take passengers from Airport-Guarulhos station There will be an articulated bus service to the departure terminals, which departs every 10 minutes at peak times and is free of charge.

And then, you intend to test this new transport option to get to the GRU?

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