The oldest distillery in Latin America will offer tequila tasting and snacks to visitors, in addition to learning about the history of the drink

The most respected spirit in the world, and which today occupies common places as nightclubs, has a very special history for Mexicans. To give you an idea, this typical distillate can only be given that name – tequila – if it is produced in Mexican lands, more precisely in Michoacán, Nayarit, Guanajuato, Tamaulipas and Jalisco. It is in these states, with volcanic soil, that the main ingredient of the drink is grown: blue agave.

The specific fermentation procedure, according to expert historians, was brought in by the Spaniards during the 16th and 17th centuries. The first distillery to be founded in Mexico belonged to the Cuervo family, who after receiving direct land from the Spanish king began to cultivate blue agave and produce the typical drink of the country.

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Usually the drink is tasted in glasses called “caballitos”. According to Leonardo Brettas, brand executive Jose Cuervo, “the name came from the custom of offering a dose to the horse that was waiting for the owner at the door of the bar”. The addition of lemon and salt to the drink started to happen in 1918, after a series of medical prescriptions during a flu epidemic, says Brettas.

These and other curiosities and stories about the drink can be known from the Jose Cuervo Express train ride. The trip starts in Guadalajara and ends in the city that bears the name of the drink, and where it originated: Tequila.

the luxurious train travels from the fields where the raw material of the drink is grown to the company's headquarters. Accompanying the travelers are mariachi groups dressed to the nines, swaying typically Mexican music. During the trip, it is possible to participate in tastings guided by experts in the drink called maestro tequileiro, in addition to cocktails and snacks prepared especially for the 64-kilometer journey. The organizers organize games that involve tasting the drink, making the trip even more playful and fun.

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The tour takes place exclusively on Saturdays, lasting about 11 hours in total. The final stop takes place at La Rojeña itself, the company's headquarters, where a tour will guide the visitor to discover the history and curiosities of the drink, as well as the processes and procedures for its manufacture.

For the tour, a series of packages are offered that contain specialized and differentiated services. Express Experience, Premium Experience and Premium plus Experience, where the more expensive ones allow access to exclusive and more luxurious trains and tasting of premium liquors. Around 1,200 pesos – an average of 405 reais – are the prices of the cheapest tickets, and for the most expensive there is a variation around 80 reais.

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From now on, the trips to Mexico will become even more spicy and watered with drink. hot.

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