Learn all the tips to take the most desired high-speed train trip in Europe. The itinerary links London, England, with Paris, France, including an optional one in Brussels

you go to Europe and want to know more than one country in the same itinerary? So how about taking a trip train from Paris for London? Not all tourists know about this option, while others have heard about it, but they think that it can be uncomfortable, time-consuming or more expensive than taking the flight, and throughout this post you will see that it is nothing like that.

On the contrary: there are several advantages that you will be able to enjoy.

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How to travel by train Paris London

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To make this trip, there is not much of a secret… And, once again, the step-by-step process is more advantageous for the passenger than what is required at airports.

Imagine the entire journey to your terminal being replaced by a trip to a central train station… Can you imagine?

Well, that's exactly what you'll need to do: being in Paris, head to Gare du Nord to board, and get off at St. Pancras, in the central area of London. The only thing, also valid for airports, is not to wait to buy your ticket at the last minute, as this route is very popular with tourists and the sooner you secure your tickets, the better. If possible, even make the purchase 180 days in advance.

The trip to the station, on the other hand, does not have to be hours in advance: arrive with a gap of about 45 minutes and you will have time to do everything that is necessary, such as going through the X-ray and immigration (remember that you will be touring, so this step is very important to avoid problems).

Extra tips for a perfect trip

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Do you have a lot of luggage with you but can you carry it all? So just arrange your bags in the compartments next to your seat without having to pay anything for it, regardless of weight. If necessary, hire the dispatch, which is also offered.

travel time

Unlike flights, which may have restricted schedules and many delays, the train journey from Paris to London can be made at different times during the day, making it much easier for passengers to plan ahead. Delays in this mode of transport are very rare, and in just over 2 hours you will be at your destination.

meals on board

First Class passengers are entitled to free in-flight service, but if you're traveling on a budget and that's not your case, that doesn't mean you need to feel like it.

Even with a fast route, hunger can appear, so just go to the wagon where there is a restaurant and eat something.

Need to work? Don't worry

If you are traveling in First Class, you will find a space at the train station that can be used for work…

Inside your car, regardless of the class chosen, there are sockets ready for cell phone and notebook use, which helps a lot who needs to work. There are also side tables that can be used even if the person in front lays down the back of the armchair.

Travel insurance

Finally, don't forget to buy travel insurance for this journey. If you entered Paris from Brazil, you have certainly already provided for it, after all, you do not want to have unexpected expenses, but this tip can never be reinforced.

To know more, visit the Eurostar website, where you can get all the information you need to buy tickets, search for timetables and much more!

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