Train travel in Italy is famous for the special touch and practicality it can give to a stay. Find out how to make yours.

One of the great advantages found in traveling to Europe is the possibility of using the railway lines to reach the final destination or others that may be interesting for the road map, and the same happens with the trips of trow through Italy: they can be made either to simply leave the airport or to visit cities further afield.

But make no mistake: not all corners of this charming country can be known train, it may be worth renting a car. In this case, our tip is to Elmocar, a company specialized in transfers and vehicle rental with service entirely in Portuguese.

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To get to know the biggest cities, and the most famous, a train travel through Italy can be the most economical and charming solution.

How to travel by train in Italy

Does your trip to Italy have a specific city as a destination, but with plenty of room in the itinerary to visit others? So don't think twice: do a quick search and, having a train station close by, go!

There are only two companies that travel by train in Italy: italo, which connects the most famous cities at high speed, and the trenitalia, with trains that operate at different speeds, covering more than 200 destinations and offering more attractive prices when the chosen train travels slower.

Even the charming and romantic Venice, the perfect destination for honeymooners who dream of taking the famous gondola ride on the canals, can take you to Milan, the fashionable Italian city, on a train journey lasting approximately 2h40 by Trenitalia , with Ítalo traveling the same route with a fare starting at 10 Euros, on average.

And speaking of Milan, your train travel through Italy you can also start from this city, heading to Venice and from there to Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance, in approximately 2h00. From Florence to Pisa, with its iconic tower, the journey time is less than 1h30, leaving time, who knows, to continue the journey to Rome and its numerous historical monuments.

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Tips for traveling by train in Italy

For a trip to famous destinations, especially in high season, be sure to buy your ticket at the last minute. The longer in advance, the better.

As a rule, you don't have to worry about your luggage: just take it with you, so try not to travel with too much. If you are going to travel in trains Trenitalia regional trains, don't be surprised to find that the ticket does not have time and seat information: it is valid for the entire day for which it was purchased, so you can take any regional train you choose, as long as you stamp the ticket.

Don't forget to clearly define which cities you want to visit before buying your ticket, so you don't have unforeseen circumstances related to distances and, consequently, money. The Cinque Terre region, for example, can be known on train trips through Italy, which is far from the case with the Amalfi Coast.

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