Beach, mountain, mountain or a corner full of nature? We have selected some ideal places to rest in Brazil 

Stressful routine, chaotic traffic, charges and a lot of worry: this is the reality of most people who live in big cities. Living this difficult routine all year round ends up generating tiredness and a need to stop for a little while to renew energy and get rid of stress once and for all.

And is there anything better to lift the spirits than traveling? If you go to a quiet and cozy place, then even better! Setting aside a few days in your schedule to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Brazil is the perfect alternative for those looking for a moment of peace. Whether close to nature or in a city with a rural air, there are plenty of options for destinations here. Check out our list with 13 places to rest in Brazil and enjoy your next vacation.

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Chapada Diamantina – BA

Chapada Diamantina, in Bahia, it is a different proposal to enjoy the Northeast. One of the best ecotourism destinations in Brazil, it is an alternative to get away from the beaches and meet rivers, lakes, waterfalls, canyons and caves. One option is to stay in the city of Lençóis, from where several tours around the region depart. See other tips on Chapada Diamantina.

Photo: Kennedy Silva / Wikimedia Commons

Mundaú - CE

Among the many charms of Ceará is Mundaú beach, the setting for the book Iracema by José de Alencar. The place is surrounded by sand dunes in reddish tones. With a boat ride it is possible to observe this paradisiacal scenery in 360°. A tip is the zip line descent that ends in the fresh waters of the natural pools formed by low tide.

Photo: Gustavo Albano

Chickens - RN

A fishing village that still retains rustic features, sandy streets and carriages. This is the atmosphere of Galinhos, in Rio Grande do Norte. Known for having a beautiful sunset that can be seen from a lighthouse, built in 1931, it is a perfect place to rest.   


Santo Amaro – MA

Santo Amaro is a small town with one of the most beautiful lagoons in the world. Even with the less developed tourist infrastructure, it serves as a base to access the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park.

Photo: Artur Warchavchik / Lençóis Maranhenses

Monte Verde – MG

THE about 160 km from São Paulo is Monte Verde. The charming city has a European atmosphere and has an excellent infrastructure for tourists. Enjoy the city walking along the main street, Avenida Monte Verde. In it are concentrated the main restaurants, shops and bars in the region, an unmissable tour. Eating well is one of the advantages of visiting Monte Verde, which offers varied cuisine in addition to a delicious and traditional fondue rodízio.

Photo: City Hall of Camanducaia MG

Maraú Peninsula – BA

In Costa do Dendê, in the south of Bahia, the Maraú Peninsula is an ecological sanctuary. In addition to the semi-deserted beaches, venturing out on the trails and waterfalls are other must-see attractions.

Photo: Márcio Filho / MTUR

Ubatuba - SP

Photo: Heitor Carvalho Jorge / Wikimedia Commons

ubatuba it is a place that looks different with each visit. And it's no wonder: there are more than 100 km of coastline and 102 beaches full of sun, white sand, sea in shades of green and blue and lots of native vegetation. During the week and in low season, the beaches do not receive so many tourists, increasing even more the quiet and the days to relax.

Reserva do Paiva - PE

Photo: Jjreservadopaiva / Wikimedia Commons

THE Reserva do Paiva condominium is a new neighborhood in the municipality of Cabo de Santo Agostinho. With luxury buildings, a five-star hotel, restaurants and a strip of sand covered by native coconut trees, it is an invitation to rest and enjoy yourself in the Brazilian Northeast.

Nobles - MT

Photo: Sidney Michaluate / Wikimedia Commons

The little-known town of Nobres It is an ideal destination for those looking to relax with nature. The place is a lot compared to Bonito, but with much more affordable prices. The city preserves an interior climate and the main attractions are concentrated in the Bom Jardim district. The place offers cinematographic scenarios such as crystal clear rivers, caves and beautiful waterfalls.  

Tiradentes – MG

Photo: Kelvin Martins / Wikimedia Commons

A small, calm town, with a lot of history and architectural works. Tiradentes attractions are concentrated in the Historic Center of the city. Take time to walk through its cobblestone streets and see all the sights, such as the Largo das Forras and Church of Saint Anthony.  

Teresópolis - RJ

Photo: Matheus Camacho / Wikimedia Commons

With a more relaxed pace, charming inns in the mountains and a bucolic atmosphere, Teresópolis is an inviting destination to enjoy nature and relax without the hustle of the big city. For those on a tighter budget, it offers several campsites and hostels.

São Miguel do Gostoso – RN

Photo: Otávio Nogueira / Flickr

A village in the middle of nature, little explored by tourists and with a rustic air, this is the fishing village of São Miguel do Gostoso. semi-deserted beaches, with strong winds that break the heat of the Northeast a little, they are sought after by lovers of windsurfing and kitesurfing. With several options of inns and unmissable tours – such as the petrified dunes of Tourinhos beach and diving at Perobas beach – will make you forget to look at your watch. And the name says it all, right? São Miguel do Gostoso is one of the must-see places for rest in Brazil.

Paúba Beach – SP

Photo: Rodrigo Almeida Fernandes / Wikimedia Commons

Paúba beach, located in São Sebastião, in São Paulo, is a place of refuge away from the typical hype of the coast of São Paulo. With soft sands, a sea of clear waters and several summer houses, it can be the perfect alternative to enjoy the days off in a place where peace and quiet prevail. Do you want to know more places to rest in São Paulo? Check out our other tips on beaches in Sao Paulo.

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