A true mixture of cultures and the last territory to be incorporated by the Brazil: Acre has been developing more and more, attracting the attention of travelers from all over the world. This unique identity makes the experience even more special, it is as if you were in another world, as the traditions are different from those found in other regions of the country.

Not to mention that the exuberance of the fauna and flora, coming from the amazon, which border the state, are the perfect complement to this scenario along the dozens of rivers that cross the territory, much sought after by sport fishing. 

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Located on the triple border with Bolivia and Peru, on the banks of the Acre River, White River, capital of the state, is a place of heat and intense gastronomy. With different influences, a gastronomic tour is certainly an essential tour to discover the different fish, such as tucunaré and pirarucu, which are species from the Amazon watershed. The kibbeh with rice and manioc is an exotic mixture, which shows the interference of other peoples, as well as the salteña, very common in Bolivia, which borders the territory. 

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Rio Branco also offers tourists a rich culture and historical tours of the city's old buildings, such as the Rio Branco Palace, which serves as the state's administrative headquarters, the Novo Mercado Velho, a landmark in the modernization of Acre and the Chico Mendes Environmental Park, space for the preservation of the local fauna, which also has a zoo on its premises, much sought after by families, as well as the Maternity Park, a place to relax. In addition, in its surroundings there are also very interesting river beaches to cool off from the heat. 

Despite representing a great historical value, the most popular city for tourism is Cruzeiro do Sul, as it is the main gateway to the Serra do Divisor National Park, where the Amazon is located, which comprises the greatest biodiversity in a tropical forest in the world. .

The experiences inside the jungle are unforgettable and a milestone in the lives of everyone who passes through it. The attractions are diverse and vary according to the style of travel that each one decides to face: comfortable, with the support of guides, accommodation in hotels or pure adrenaline, in camps and even indigenous villages to feel the real connection with nature. 

It is clear, southern cruise It also has other tourist attractions. Those who choose to spend a few days in this quiet town will not regret it, as there are beaches with fresh water and white sand, river tours, the most famous one that takes you by canoe to the Croa River, which guarantees charming scenarios.

Not to mention a few Some points that you can include in your tours, such as the Cathedral of Nossa Senhora da Glória, in Germanic style, the Forum Civil Valadares, which has a library full of rare works and the Porto Station.

Despite being a place with little infrastructure for tourism, the Acre has been evolving and the offer of natural paradises, with historical buildings and museums, make the destination interesting to discover. 


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