Planning a trip to an adrenaline-fueled destination? Find out if you really need to buy travel insurance

If you love exploring exotic destinations, full of nature and that yield good doses of adrenaline, this text is for you. Many travelers with this profile end up embarking on the next adventure and end up forgetting the importance of buy travel insurance

But why is travel insurance so important in these cases? It's just that adventure trips usually involve activities with greater risk and possibility of accidents. In this case, it is necessary to be prepared and avoid setbacks, headaches and even exorbitant expenses. We will explain here if it is really necessary to take out insurance for a adventure trip.

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What is an adventure trip?

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Photo: Rune Haugseng / Unsplash

But after all, what can we consider as a adventure trip? We can say that they are those that involve a little more adrenaline than the conventional ones. Scenarios full of nature, with mountains, rivers, waterfalls and caves, for example, are conducive to the practice of more radical activities.

Among the activities practiced, we can mention skiing, snowboarding, zip lining, mountaineering, abseiling, rafting, biking, paragliding, surfing, tree climbing, among many other activities that can be considered adventure. These modalities require a certain degree of experience and courage, but they are increasingly being sought after by tourists. 

Importance of travel insurance for adventure sports

travel insurance adventure places

Travel insurance adventure places. Photo: Coen van den Broek / Unsplash

Needless to say, with the practice of adventure sports, the risks increase, right? And, in this case, you cannot count on luck and simply ignore the possibilities of having an accident. 

That is why, take out insurance for adventure travel is to avoid headaches and worries, in addition to saving a lot. That's right: depending on the destination you choose, a simple medical consultation can cost hundreds of reais - an expense that could be used in new tours and activities, for example. 

The watchword is to be cautious: of course, no one expects to have an accident when undertaking an adventure trip, however, it is necessary to carry out a plan considering all the risks. 

What is the ideal travel insurance for adventure sports?

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This is a very important issue, since not all insurances on the market cover accidents caused by the practice of adventure sports. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful with some issues before carrying out the hiring.

First of all, check that the policy you have purchased covers all possible damages for the chosen sports. In some cases, it is necessary to opt for a specific policy that covers all activities. In addition, it is necessary to carry out a quote informing the traveller's age, the activities to be carried out and the destination. Some insurers only consider legally accredited trails and lanes, which means that if you end up taking an alternative route or carrying out a clandestine activity, your travel insurance will not be valid.

Carefully read the clauses of your policy to see if it really covers everything you expect. In addition, it is always important to choose an insurance company that has a good reference in the market and that is reliable – after all, you don't play with health. 

Our tip is Allianz Travel, which has several options for travel insurance plans and certainly offers one that is ideal for your traveler profile. The company offers service 24 hours a day, via telephone and WhatsApp, in Portuguese. 

How to get travel insurance online?

travel insurance adventure places

Travel insurance adventure places. Photo: Avel Chuklanov / Unsplash

It is increasingly easier to quote, evaluate and purchase travel insurance. in the case of Allianz Travel, you can get a quote after filling out a simple form with some information about your trip on the company's website. After evaluating the best plan for you, it is possible to pay online and receive the policies by email in a practical and fast way. 

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