Travel blogs and influencers warn travelers about the importance of staying home during a pandemic, reinforcing the need for social distancing

They have always encouraged people to pack up and travel. In addition to inspiring the discovery of new destinations around the world, travel sites and blogs are indispensable tools when planning an itinerary. If the trip is to an unusual destination, nothing like having updated reports with original tips from those who have been there, telling every detail about some gems still little known to the general public. 

Currently, in this fully connected world, full of fascinating images appearing on our social networks frequently, it becomes practically impossible to plan a trip without the support of professionals who make tourism communication. 

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THE Thiago Lopez, who has already published travel tips here on travel better, has more than 400,000 followers on Instagram and warns: “I am trying to show followers that the situation is serious and that there is no possibility of traveling at the moment. Whenever I am asked if there is still a possibility to travel in June or July, I answer: forget about it now, there are more important things to worry about right now.” 

In addition to being an influencer and professional traveler, the Thiago works in the health area and also mentions the importance of making people aware. “I believe that all people should try to make their family, friends and closest colleagues aware to do the only thing that can protect us: stay at home so we can come out of this crisis stronger.”

travel blogs

Record made while traveling through the Maldives. Photo: Thiago Lopez

Travel blogs make readers aware

In a delicate moment like this, some travel blogs created a chain to encourage people not to travel, as the moment requires everyone's cooperation.

Only in Brazil, more than 5,000 people died from the new coronavirus, as published this Wednesday (29). Despite being a high number, there is still underreporting, generating even more tension in a crisis scenario.

You travel blogs wanderers in love, Longest Trip, We did a roll and the influencers The Flavors of the World, Cesar Trifone do Caesar over there, Felipe Abilio, among others, spearheaded a campaign with the same objective. 

In the manifesto published on social media, the appeal was unanimous. “This is not the time to leave the house, much less travel. We had to give up one of our favorite things for the sake of the global community.” And they're right, after all, Quarantine and social distancing are not vacations and must be respected by everyone. 

“One thing is clear: we are more connected than ever. With our essence, with our family, with our friends and with our society. We will come out of this much stronger and united,” they said on social media.

travel and tourism blogs

Influencers share what the post-pandemic destinations will be. Photo: reproduction

Influencers and the travel market

There is even a study of mind miners about Traveler Profile 2.0, commissioned by PayPal. According to this survey, 92% research trips online before making a purchase. I confess that this high number is not a surprise for us who work with this daily. Since the amount of people who close a trip without researching in advance is almost nil. How many searches do you do on the internet before boarding your trip? I bet there aren't many.

Some of these professionals participate in the Brazilian Association of Travel Blogs (ABBV). Yes, this activity is so fundamental in promoting tourism that there is a specialized association in the area. Non-profit, the group is responsible for representing and regulating this sector, with the aim of bringing greater security to the tourist. In addition, these assiduous travelers seek to increasingly professionalize this market. 

Definitely without the travel blogs it would be much more difficult to fulfill one of our biggest dreams, which is to discover new destinations and travel the world.

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Outras dicas úteis

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