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Those who love to travel and discover new places cannot give up travel blogs, which are the best sources of information about countless destinations, in addition to giving incredible tips for those who feel a little lost in some subject of this wonderful universe. Currently there are dozens of blogs in this sense, and it is difficult to know and follow them all, so we created this post to help you.

See below 17 of them, of the most varied, but with the sole purpose of helping you travel more and with all the information you need.

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Travel blogs for you to start following right now

travel better

If you're new to us, know that we've also centralized thousands of travel tips for you to plan your vacation in the best way. Different news about tourism are published daily here at Better Travel Guide

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travel on the trip

THE travel on the trip can be considered the father of travel blogs, both for the countless destinations he talks about (practically all of them), and for his time of existence. He was, without a doubt, the pioneer in this medium.


Travel and good dining options. Want better combination?

At the jabbering, these two subjects go hand in hand: the author creates incredible texts to talk about the delights she finds in the destinations she visits.

360 Meridians

the blog 360 Meridians it was basically born out of an exchange of Brazilians in India, but ended up becoming something much bigger. In the texts it is possible to know the experiences of the trio Natalia, Rafael and Luiza during an inspiring trip around the world.


Are you thinking of traveling to Ireland for an exchange? Then the E-Dublin is the right blog for you, full of tips on this subject. It is also very useful for those who want to know other corners of Europe.

Hi Toronto

If your choice is Canada, whether in terms of tourism or housing, be sure to follow the Hi Toronto. All tips about the country are concentrated there, in addition to those that are specific to Toronto.

Out of the World Guide

THE Out of the World Guide is one of those travel blogs for those who enjoy lighter and more fun texts. The photos, full of beauty and creativity, are a highlight in their own right.

Ideas in the Suitcase

How about seeing the opinion of several different people, about different destinations, but in the same space? That's what you find in Ideas in the Suitcase, a travel blog that opens space for other bloggers to write about their experiences.

digital nomads

the blog digital nomads It's not just a travel blog. It does present numerous destination tips, but always linked to another subject: the freedom to be able to work from wherever you want.

Where are we going?

the focus of Where are we going is to give you tips on places that deserve to be known, but at the same time are not mega tourist. It is a great option if you intend to make a great trip out of the “more of the same” context.

professional tourist

A real tourist not only knows several destinations, but also gathers dozens of tips and perrengues about travel, and these are precisely the subjects covered in the professional tourist.

Tuscany tour

An entire blog focuses on one of the most enchanting regions in Italy. This is the Tuscany tour, where the author shares his travels and numerous useful tips for those who want to know this destination.

I'll go with you

Travel blogs with tips geared towards couples are also successful, such as I'll go with you. In it, one of the highlights is the session of tips on places to live an unforgettable honeymoon.

You Must Go

the blog You Must Go is written by a real team, but what makes it different is its content, geared towards luxury destinations and experiences.

Leave Brazil

Are you wanting to leave the country, regardless of the reason and objective, but don't know how to start and which destination to choose? follow the Leave Brazil.

live in Uruguay

Still on travel blogs focused on specific destinations, get to know the live Uruguay, written by a Brazilian who lives in the country and has many tips about it to share.

Donating around

At the Getting there, discover exotic destinations through the eyes of a journalist who loves to travel and practice extreme sports.

And you, do you already know any of these travel blogs?

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Outras dicas úteis

Encontre informações úteis sobre os best destinations do mundo, com guias de viagens especializados sobre diferentes places to visit in Brazil e no exterior. São milhares de travel tips com sugestões de onde ir na sua viagem, recomendação de hotels, notícias atualizadas e muito mais.

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