Architecture, culture and many beauties: know what to do in Brasilia and enjoy all the attractions

A delight for architecture lovers, Brasília brings together a series of buildings and monuments that demonstrate its grandeur, which goes beyond the political scene. It is almost an open-air exhibition, with modernist buildings and works by renowned artists, such as Oscar Niemeyer, who helped to build many of these treasures, and it is no wonder that Brasília was considered by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and is the capital of Brazil. 

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It was planned in the 60s by the president at the time, Juscelino Kubitschek, who decided to build it, which explains its entire organization: wide avenues, immense flower beds and gardens. A trip to the Federal District can be very quick, if the objective is to appreciate only the architecture of the places, but very long for those who want to go deep into every bit of this majestic setting and get to know not only the outside, but its stories and inspirations. One thing is for sure, on this tour impressive photos are guaranteed. 

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The classic route for those visiting the capital for the first time is to explore the Monumental Axis, comprising the National Congress, Cathedral, Planalto Palace, Museum of the Republic and JK Memorial. For those who like politics and want to see all these spaces up close, it is worth including the Itamaraty Palace, the Palace of Justice, the Federal Supreme Court and the Palácio da Alvorada and many other tourist attractions. 

Fleeing from the capital, there are other cities that deserve to be remembered, after all Brasília is in the central west region of the country, where there is a strong predominance of the cerrado, whose diversity of landscapes and species of wild animals is impressive. A sample of this nature can be seen in the city of Formosa, 60 km from the capital. It is perfect for those looking for refreshing baths in waterfalls, caves, viewpoints, trails and even archaeological sites. 

A little distant, 130 km away, is Salto Corumbá, which is a perfect park for those who like adventures, offering outdoor activities, much sought after by families traveling with children. For those who like mysticism and are looking for a more energetic atmosphere, Cristalina cannot be left out! It has the largest reserve of crystals in the world and some very interesting attractions for those who like peculiar scenarios, 

 Those looking for a relaxing tour should visit Pirenópolis, 150 km from the capital. It is a very pleasant city with cobblestone streets, colonial mansions, with a good structure of inns and restaurants to spend a weekend. And of course, waterfalls, after all, there is no shortage. 

Despite not being located in Brasília, another tourist spot that is gaining more and more strength among tourists is Chapada dos Veadeiros, in neighboring Goiás. However, most tourists who come from other states end up landing at Brasília airport, as it is the closest one, located 233km away. It is a huge complex, in which the 

Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park offers the main attractions of beautiful landscapes of the cerrado and crystal clear waterfalls. It is a trip that requires a lot of disposition, because in many points it is only possible to arrive via trail, facing very steep climbs in some points.


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