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Much sought after by families and elderly people, religious tourism in Brazil has been growing every year. According to data from the Ministry of Tourism, about 17.7 million travelers motivated by faith passed through destinations with major tourist attractions aimed at the segment.

Among the most popular destinations in the country are the Círio de Nazaré in Belém, one of the largest religious festivals in the world, which gathers around one and a half million people in October; the Pilgrimage to Juazeiro in Juazeiro do Norte in Ceará and the Pilgrimage to Nova Trento in Santa Catarina, which houses the Sanctuary of Mother Paulina, considered the first Brazilian saint.

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Belém – Pará

Held for more than two centuries, the Círio de Nazaré always takes place on the second Sunday of October and is one of the largest religious manifestations in the world.

The procession begins at the Cathedral of Belém and continues to the Santuário de Nazaré Square with the intention of paying homage to Our Lady of Nazareth, mother of Jesus. The route is 3.6 km and has already been covered in nine hours and fifteen minutes in 2014, being the longest Círio in history.

The grandeur of the event, which has visitors from all over the world, led to registration by the Instituto do Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional (IPHAN) as Cultural Heritage of Intangible Nature.

Nazare's Cirio. Photo - Adriana Spaca

Juazeiro do Norte – Ceará

The municipality of Juazeiro do Norte has religious importance because of Father Cícero Romão Batista, known as the greatest benefactor of the city. Juazeiro do Norte receives more than 2.5 million faithful a year, especially in November on the All Souls' holiday.

Among the main attractions visited by pilgrims are the statue of Padre Cícero, 27 meters high, in addition to the Padre Cícero Memorial – which has personal objects and sacred images of the religious, the Igreja Matriz Nossa Senhora das Dores and the Igreja de São Francisco.

Allan Patrick

Nova Trento – Santa Catarina

Religious tourism in Nova Trento exploded in 2002 shortly after the canonization of Mother Pauline by Pope John Paul II. The municipality is located in the region of the European Valley, 84 km from the capital Florianópolis and has become the main religious attraction in the southern region of the country.

Among the religious events, the highlight is the 30th of May, which should receive devotees for an internal pilgrimage, of 30 km, uniting the two sanctuaries, Nossa Senhora do Bom Socorro and Santa Paulina.

Douglas Bonin

Jerusalem – Pernambuco

Every year, in the weeks leading up to Easter, the Passion of Christ show takes place at Fazenda Nova, in the city of Brejo da Madre de Deus, in the countryside of Pernambuco.

The event is staged in the world's largest open-air theater. The whole scenario is made up of a stone wall and 70 towers. The replica of Jerusalem in the arid and semi-desert landscape of the wild makes the approximately 500 actors and extras move around in scenarios such as Herod's Palace, Pilate's Forum, and the Cenacle during the two-hour show.

Tiago Silva

Ouro Preto – Minas Gerais

The state of Minas Gerais houses imposing buildings from the colonial period, well preserved, the infinity of churches present in several cities in Minas Gerais has always given great value to religious tourism in this Brazilian state. One of the cities that stand out the most is Ouro Preto, which receives tourists throughout the year who want to see the precious baroque art found in the various churches spread along the slopes of the municipality.

Antonio Klaus Kaarsberg

Trindade - Goiás

The city of Trindade in the state of Goiás is well known for the grandeur of the Festa do Divino Pai Eterno, attracting more than 1.5 million people a year. The great celebration takes place between June 26 and July 5 and during these days various masses, novenas, baptisms and confessions are celebrated.

The Festa do Divino Pai Eterno is currently considered the biggest religious event in the Midwest, the second in Brazil, and the biggest party in the world dedicated to the Divino Pai Eterno.


Aparecida – Sao Paulo

The city of Aparecida in the interior of São Paulo is the destination of religious pilgrimage in Latin America and was named the capital of faith. On the holiday of October 12, the Patron Saint of Brazil, many faithful walk on their knees the 392 meters of the Passarela da Fé, which offers access to the Basilica Church and the National Sanctuary, making a thank you or requesting promises.

robson zumkeller

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Photos1: Adriana Spaca / Photo2: Allan Patrick / Photo3: Douglas Bonin / Photo4: Tiago Silva / Photo5: Antonio Klaus Kaarsberg / Photo6: Shutterstock / Photo7: Robson Zumkeller.

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