Tourists who are interested in getting away from agglomerations will find great options for nature trips in Brazil. Discover some quiet destinations to avoid crowds!

Mass tourism destinations, that is, those that concentrate agglomerations of travelers, do not lose strength, but have been dividing the attention of many tourists who want open places and, mainly, in contact with the environment. Travel in nature has been gaining an important share, as they provide more rest and offer a wider range of experiences. 

Adventure and ecotourism are the great strength of this type of trip and Brazil is a specialist in this segment. According to a survey carried out in 2016 by the US News & WorldReport, with the BAV consultancy and the Wharton business school, in Pennsylvania, the country is ideal for the practice of nature travel. 

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In addition, data from the Ministry of Tourism (MTur) demonstrate that 19% of foreign tourists are aware of our natural wealth, becoming an important economic driver, as these visitors spend, on average, US$ 3 thousand per long-term trip, almost double the general average. 

Nature trips: 12 best destinations

We know that the list of options for brazilian destinations for travel in nature is extensive. That's why we decided to help you choose the ideal place for your travel. We have gathered 12 highlights in the adventure and ecotourism segment, ideal for those who want to have an adrenaline rush or simply get away from the big crowds of mass tourism. See the selection below and plan your next vacation.

Alter do Chão (PA)

Photo: idobi / Wikimedia Commons

Considered a paradise still little known, Alter do Chão, at the For, has lush beaches, worthy of being explored. The city is bathed by the Tapajós River and, in the ebb season, the beaches and sandbanks appear that were small islands, such as Praia do Amor. There, there are several gastronomic establishments, great for tasting the Amazonian cuisine and still enjoying great outdoor walks and away from agglomerations. 

Alto Caparaó (MG)

main entrance to the Caparao National Park, on the border between Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo, the city is known for the extraordinary scenery of hills and mountains. Its main attraction is Pico da Bandeira, considered the third highest mountain in the country. Ideal for those looking for a trip to disconnect from the routine and escape from the big cities. 

handsome (MS)

Photo: Adriane Rado / Wikimedia Commons

This is considered one of the best destinations for river diving in Brazil. There, concern for the environment is taken seriously and, therefore, organization and advance reservations should be on the radar of tourists who plan to visit. Beautiful. Therefore, the tip is to take into account the main tours and plan, so that the itinerary does not deviate from the initial plans. If the idea is to take advantage of low demand, avoid going in high season and enjoy the time between June and August, when the volume of tourists reduces.

Sprouts (SP)

Brotas is the adventure tourism city in the state of São Paulo. 250 kilometers from the capital, the city has easy access via dual highways. There, it is possible to notice that much of the economy is geared towards ecotourism and adventure tourism. So, if the idea is to enjoy the best in this segment and enjoy the outdoors, be sure to take the most comfortable sneakers for hiking, sunscreen, light clothes and items for bathing. Arriving there, tourists find numerous adventure options such as rafting, buoy cross and others.

Cambará do Sul (RS)

Photo: Jjunoo / Wikimedia Commons

Home to Itaimbezinho and Fortaleza, the destination has unique beauties with distinct landscapes that impress. Its denser vegetation draws the attention of many visitors, who also add a visit to Cachoeira dos Venâncios and Lajeado da Margarida to their itinerary. The destination is ideal throughout the year. However, it is good to inform yourself beforehand about the visibility conditions of the parks. At the Serra Geral National Park, for example, is clearer in winter, despite the weather being colder. 

Cinnamon (RS)

not yet Rio Grande do Sul, Canela is a great opportunity for those who want to be further away from the big crowds and enjoy excellent landscapes and waterfalls, for example. One of the highlights is the Cascata do Caracol, which is usually indispensable on travelers' itineraries. In addition, more adventurous tourists may have the opportunity to practice some extreme sports, such as abseiling, tree climbing and climbing. 

Chapada Diamantina (BA)

Photo: Kennedy Silva / Wikimedia Commons

Waterfalls, rivers and caves are some of the natural attractions of Chapada Diamantina, in the territory of Bahia. THE Chapada Diamantina National Park It is considered one of the main ecotourism destinations in Brazil because of its different landscapes and complete immersion in nature. Certainly the attractions are worth a visit for those who want to take a breather in a quiet place and away from the crowds.

Chapada dos Guimaraes (MT)

THE Chapada dos Guimaraes It is an imposing destination that justifies the creation of the National Park. Within its conservation area are emblematic attractions, such as the Véu de Noiva Waterfall. The city also has a structured ecotourism park. Summer is the best time to enjoy the place more, since, in winter, fog can make some sports or activities difficult. 

Fernando de Noronha (PE)

Photo: Own work / Wikimedia Commons

A consolidated destination even in an international scenario, Fernando de Noronha has a beautiful set of beaches, which total more than 7 thousand kilometers in length. It is possible to dive with sea turtles, sail alongside dolphins and watch the sunset that only the Fernando de Noronha Archipelago can offer. If the idea is economy, it is worth visiting between March and June, when the values reduce a little, although noronha is considered one of the most expensive destinations in Brazil. Prepare your pocket and heart, because the landscapes are worth all the effort. To enjoy the beaches, from August to October, it is considered the best time because of the climate and little movement of tourists. If you're into sea sports, like surfing, December to February is the perfect time. 

Foz do Iguaçu (PR)

Natural beauty is something that Foz do Iguaçu knows how to offer. In addition to the Iguaçu Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the city has the bird park, which brings together different types of birds, and options for adventure tourism and ecotourism. If you want to see the waterfalls at their peak, it is worth booking between October and March, when the rains are more frequent. On full moon nights, the city is even more charming, being able to gift tourists with the famous silver rainbow. 

Ilha do Mel (PR)

Photo: Cyrus Augustus Moro Daldin / Wikimedia Commons

For those who do not want agglomerations, it can be a good sign to be aware that cars do not enter the island, reducing the volume of tourists. The entire tourist itinerary takes place on sandy trails, allowing adventurers to enjoy that contact with nature and make the most of the most distant and remote beaches available on the island. 

Jalapão (TO)

This is a destination that, over the years, has gained even more prominence, since its landscapes are some of the most beautiful found in the country. There are crystalline waterfalls, natural pools and walls that are considered rewards for those who face the difficulties to reach the destination, which isolates tourists and allows a strong connection with nature. 

Did you like the tips? It's a good time to write down your favorite destinations and plan the next itineraries of your trips in nature and away from agglomerations. After all, being away from crowds has its advantages, and they are unforgettable on a trip as a couple or as a family!

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