7 Benefits of Travel Insurance You Probably Didn't Know! Understand how it works and see how to save when choosing yours

THE Travel insurance It is an essential item for travelers who want to take a few days off on a peaceful vacation. As unforeseen events happen, something unexpected can be very unpleasant for your tour. And, in addition to the mandatory travel insurance for Europe and some other destinations, know that it is always good to have medical assistance ready during your trip.

Having effective travel insurance can also help a lot if you experience any discomfort or more serious things during your trip. An unforeseen event can completely ruin your trip and being in a different country, most travel insurance offers an on-call Portuguese-speaking person who will help you with all the medical processes you need. With travel insurance, any unwanted problem can be solved without headaches.

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You should already know the basic coverage of travel insurance. Medical expenses in case of accidents, emergency consultations and compensation in case of lost luggage are the main reasons for taking out travel insurance. But that's not all a good plan can do for you in a pinch.

Discover seven little-known benefits of having travel insurance when traveling abroad.

7 benefits of travel insurance:

travel insurance benefits

Travel insurance benefits. Photo: Disclosure

1 - Dental Expenses

It is common for travelers to worry about food poisoning, flu and other illnesses that can take us to a hospital at the last minute. But not only doctors may be needed during the trip. A toothache or an accident can also cause the tourist to stop in the emergency room. 

As in Brazil, dental costs are usually not included in medical costs. Some travel insurance plans also include coverage for dental expenses in case of emergencies. At Allianz Travel, for example, coverage for dental emergencies starts at 2500 reais.

2 - Expenses with Physiotherapy

In cases of more serious accidents while traveling, resulting in a broken arm or leg, physical therapy sessions may be necessary. As well as dental care, consultations with physical therapists may be charged separately and do not cover medical expenses. 

So, the travel insurance plans gives Allianz also provide for expenses with physiotherapy, with coverage from 2300 reais.

3 - Pharmaceutical Expenses

After the consultations, the traveler may need medication for treatment. Pain meds, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatories can cost as much as appointments. Travel insurance plans also have coverage for pharmacy expenses. 

In the available plans Allianz, compensation for medication expenses starts at 1400 reais.

4 - Legal Expenses

Any kind of unforeseen can happen during a trip, not all of them lead to a doctor. As tourists in foreign countries, we are not always familiar with the legislation of the destination, which can bring us some headaches with lawyers, bail and other costs. 

Allianz travel insurance plans cover any legal expenses. The maximum indemnities of the plans reach about 10 thousand reais.

5 – Trip cancellation and interruption

It is common to plan an international trip in advance and close reservations well in advance of departure day. But unforeseen events can always happen, forcing us to cancel our vacation plans. 

For cases such as accidents on the way to boarding, loss of documents, change of job, cancellation of vacations by the company, cancellation of weddings and many other reasons, Allianz Travel offers optional Multi-Cause Cancellation coverage. With it, you guarantee reimbursement of up to 80% (limited to the value of the coverage purchased) of expenses generated by ticket fines and/or tour packages canceled and not reimbursed by airlines and tour operators.

6 – Guidance in case of loss or theft of documents

Who hasn't had a brief moment of fright when they realize that their passport is not with their documents for the return trip? Or, who knows, you had the misfortune of having your documents stolen during a trip, leaving you with the worry of how to board back home. 

In these situations, the travel insurance plan of Allianz Travel has advice for guidance in case of loss or theft of documents. The operator has analysts who help travelers on how to regularize the situation at the destination and solve everything in a more agile way.

7 – Early return

Unforeseen events can happen both during the tour and in the country of origin, causing the traveler to have to return before the scheduled time. In such cases, travel insurance plans from Allianz Travel provide for indemnities and reimbursements, limited to the amount of BRL 6300 provided for in the policy, for return tickets and other expenses. 

Did you like this article? To learn about other benefits that the travel insurance plan brings to travelers, access the website of Allianz Travel and quote your plan.

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