Are you going to exchange and still don't know if you need to buy travel insurance? Come and we explain everything! 

Make one exchange it really is an amazing experience. Whether to achieve fluency in another language, do a specialization, undergraduate, graduate or MBA, the fact is that study abroad do Brasil is always a remarkable and enriching experience.

However, it is clear that, before realizing the dream of doing an exchange, planning is necessary, and many doubts can arise. One of them is in relation to hiring a Travel insurance

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How does travel insurance for exchange work?

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Before embarking on this incredible journey that is an exchange, it is necessary to think that you will be in a new country, therefore, you will be exposed to a new climate and have different eating habits. Therefore, a Travel insurance It is essential for your experience to be fantastic, without the need to worry if something unexpected happens, right? In these cases, you can't just rely on luck, you have to plan. 

The hiring of a interchange travel insurance allows medical and hospital coverage during your stay in another country, but also offers other advantages for your protection, such as pharmaceutical and dental coverage and return to the country of origin due to hospitalization or death of a family member. In addition, the insurance also supports the student in cases of lost luggage, flight delays or cancellations. 

Anyone who wants their trip to become 100% safe should consider hiring a interchange travel insurance. This service is even mandatory in some countries. Do not forget to research a lot about the country where you want to study to avoid unforeseen circumstances. 

In which countries is exchange travel insurance mandatory?

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To begin with, the European countries that are part of the Schengen Treaty require the exchange student to have travel insurance covering at least 30,000 euros. You can check the full list clicking here, but we already mentioned that places like France, Italy, Greece, Malta, Portugal and Spain, for example, require the student travel insurance necessarily. 

In the case of the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) with your student visa you will have access to the United Kingdom's national health service, the National Health Service (NHS). However, if you want to visit any of the Schengen Treaty countries, which are just around the corner, you will need to take out travel insurance, as it is mandatory. 

In addition to the countries that are part of the Schengen Treaty, Australia and New Zealand also require the hiring of a interchange travel insurance for foreign students. 

In countries like the USA, the interchange travel insurance it is not mandatory, but any simple health procedure can generate exorbitant expenses – and no one wants to take the risk of having bills and bills to pay during their trip, right? 

To give you an idea, a simple consultation can cost up to 500 dollars (that's right), while the value of travel insurance is practically negligible in the face of these charges. 

After all, how much does exchange travel insurance cost?  

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Well, that will depend on some factors such as: what is the destination of your exchange? How long is the program? Having these answers, it is much easier to quote and choose the best coverage to enjoy your trip without worries.

Our tip for those who are looking for travel insurance for exchanges is the Allianz Travel, reference in Travel insurance. You can quote directly on the company's website, which is very intuitive and easy to use. Another advantage is the service in Portuguese available 24 hours a day, that is, whenever you need them, they will be available. This way it is easier to enjoy only the good side of this unique experience that is the exchange. 

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