Travel insurance in Europe: know the prices, how to hire the best, the countries that require insurance and get a discount to buy yours

You are on a trip to the Europe? So you should already know that the Travel insurance it is mandatory for foreign tourists in some countries of the Old Continent. 

Countries like Germany, Belgium, Holland, Portugal, France, Spain, Greece and Italy are part of the Schengen Treaty, an agreement on opening borders and free movement between the signatories. Therefore, all these countries require foreign visitors to be insured by travel insurance that has a minimum medical coverage of 30,000 euros. 

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Thus, insurance operators already know the needs of travelers planning a vacation on the European continent, offering different types of plans that meet the requirements of the destination countries and the needs of tourists. 

How and where to buy travel insurance

travel insurance in europe where to buy

Travel insurance in Europe. Photo: Disclosure

Assistance services may be contracted through companies specializing in travel insurance, such as Global Travel Assistance and Allianz Travel. This assistance brings much greater security to the traveler, in addition to being mandatory in different countries. Some banks also offer travel insurance plans for customers, as do credit card companies, usually with higher amounts.

Airlines also have insurance options for their passengers, as well as at travel agencies or online where the trip was purchased. If your travel package does not include health insurance, it is worth getting a quote from specialized agencies.

To know the value of your online travel insurance, some agencies provide a quote tool showing different plan options for your destination and profile, such as the smart quote gives GTA. Another similar tool, on the website of Allianz Travel, show in real time what is the travel insurance value. Almost all services can be hired directly on the company's website, without bureaucracy and with great agility.

Types of insurance:

Before hiring a travel insurance in Europe, think about the risks your trip brings. If you plan on taking a historic tour, or going to a resort to enjoy with the family where the biggest worries could be food poisoning, lost luggage or a bad flu, a basic plan that covers average assistance and lost luggage may suit you. very well. 

Now, if your trip to Europe is justified by work or exchange, talk to the company with which you will contract the insurance for specific plans for long stay. 

If the practice of extreme sports is in your travel plans, you will need a personalized plan. Most insurances have coverage in case of accidents, but not caused by risky practices, such as skiing, climbing, among others. 

Another point that the traveler should pay attention to when hiring the service is the validity of the plan. The insurance must be contracted before boarding and be valid for the entire duration of the trip, from departure from Brazil to return. 

In the case of trips to Europe, the insurance policy indicating the period of validity may be requested for the issuance of visas, in trips motivated by work or study. The Brazilian traveler, even tourists who will stay on the continent for less than three months, may also have to present the policy at immigration, upon arrival at the destination. 

Regardless of the reason for the trip and the chosen plan, the service makes your vacation much more relaxed. Thus, any unforeseen can be resolved quickly and without headache. 

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