Find out how much travel insurance for Europe costs and see the best way to choose yours

When planning a trip to Europe, in addition to tickets and accommodation, travel insurance should also be on your list. This is because most European Union countries are part of the Schengen Treaty, an agreement on opening borders and free movement. Therefore, embarking to these European countries require health insurance or travel assistance to foreign tourists. 

But, what is the value of travel insurance for Europe? To travel to countries such as Germany, France, Portugal, Italy, among others, tourists are required to have medical coverage of at least 30,000 euros. Thus, before boarding, it is important that a travel insurance plan has already been contracted and is valid. 

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Knowing that travel insurance is necessary to travel to Europe, the first step is to choose your travel insurance and understand the differences between them. Medical assistance must cover a minimum of 30 thousand euros. But with so many carriers and so many different plans, sometimes it's hard to choose.

How to choose the best insurance?

travel insurance for Europe

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For you to choose a good travel insurance for your trip to Europe, look for operators that quote plans. THE Allianz Travel, from the group Allianz Partners, quotes different travel insurance plans based on your destination, travel date and age of travelers. The tool they launched works as a price simulator, presenting the most advantageous proposal for your trip in real time. 

After reviewing the available plan options for your travel dates and destinations, check out what's included in your plan. If you travel by plane, for example, some options include insurance in case of lost luggage or flight cancellation. If you are going to Europe for an exchange or for work, your plan must also adapt to these specificities and deadlines. If your stay is longer than three months, a travel insurance policy will be required to issue a visa to enter the country. For these situations the Allianz Travel offers plans for corporate travel insurance and the modality student, designed specifically for exchange students.

How much does travel insurance for Europe cost?

travel insurance for Europe

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The prices of travel insurance plans for Europe will depend on the duration of your trip, means of transportation (air or sea), age of the traveler and how early you hire the service. 

For example, a plan quoted three months in advance, for a 10-day trip for a tourist up to 70 years of age, can be hired for less than 140 reais. This plan includes coverage of BRL 150,000 for medical and hospital expenses, BRL 2,500 for dental expenses, BRL 3,000 for lost luggage and BRL 3,000 for trip cancellation or interruption. See how to simulate the price of travel insurance in Europe through the page Travel Insurance Quote.

In the case of corporate travel, under the same conditions as above, the plan costs 135 reais on Allianz, including benefits such as executive replacement in case of need, medical assistance, concierge and luggage tracking.

Another possibility for the customer Allianz Travel is the annual travel insurance plan. With no travel limit per year, the Annual Plan is valid for trips abroad lasting up to 30 days. Thus, travelers who travel abroad more than once a year save on insurance and still travel in peace, being able to call the insurance company whenever they need to.

Insurance for backpacking through Europe

travel insurance for Europe

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Are you going to the Old Continent in search of new experiences? There is also a perfect travel insurance for you. THE Allianz Travel also offers leisure and tourism travel insurance for trips that mix low cost, adventure, adrenaline and discoveries. For Europe, backpacker travel insurance plans are available from 60 reais.

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