Traveling can be easier than you think, check out some tips to travel for less

You may have already noticed that traveling is increasingly accessible, nowadays there are several ways to embark on a trip spending less, whether by closing directly with a travel agency, splitting everything in 12 installments or organizing every detail of your itinerary on your own. For accommodation, there are more and more hostels with shared accommodation or vacation homes, if it's bigger groups it's always cheaper than hotels, you can find these options in practically all tourist destinations.

We've also made a guide how to buy cheap airline tickets, as this is often the most expensive part of the long-awaited vacation, but with good planning this can be solved easily.

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Choose the right destination

Certainly what can make a trip more expensive is the destination, but making the right choice can be easily resolved. In Cusco, Peru, you can also find cheaper accommodation of up to 15 reais a day. The average meal at a local restaurant is 8 reais, with a starter that is usually soup or guacamole with nachos, a main course and a soft drink. In simpler places you can find this same combo for 4 or 5 reais. In La Paz, the capital of Bolivia, the shuttle bus and the cable car cost 70 cents, a high-end restaurant for two people costs less than a fast food restaurant in Brazil.

In the north and northeast of Brazil there are also more affordable options than in the rest of the country, just get away from the “catch tourist” options. If you are thinking of traveling for the long term, we have also separated some ideas for professions to work traveling the world. Depending on your profession, it is possible to put your career in the bag and travel doing the same work you already do anywhere in the world, without compromising your income.

Still on the choice of destination, in some countries the Brazilian currency is more valued, such as in Bolivia, Venezuela, Colombia and in much of Latin America, the Middle East and Asia. In other countries the currency is equivalent, but the cost of living can be cheaper, as in the case of Peruvian destinations and in parts of Chile and Argentina. At the end of the day, in certain places it is cheaper to travel than to stay at home.

If you plan on backpacking, it's worth considering cheaper destinations to save money on the trip. In places where the cost of living is higher, there is also the option of working during your stay in the region. we already talked here how to travel the world volunteering and how to exchange work for accommodation in hostels. This way you can drastically reduce the costs of your trip, ideal for long-term experiences.

How to save money before travel

Traveling is an achievement like any other. There are no miracles. When you buy something of value, whether it's a car, a motorcycle or some state-of-the-art electronics, you plan, and if necessary, I gave up some everyday nonsense. You let go of some things to conquer others. And if your priority is to travel and have a cool experience, you'll be able to find some way to achieve it.

Through the streets of Cusco, Peru. Photo: Gustavo Albano

Trekking in the Sahara Desert in Morocco. Photo: Emaze

Plaza Murillo, La Paz, Bolivia – Photo: Ennio Fratini

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