Beauty, paradisiacal beaches and joy: find out everything you need about the destination and plan your trip to Pernambuco

An explosion of cultures that goes far beyond Frevo and Maracatu, Pernambuco is intense, which can be noticed in the accent of its people: heavy and sweet. And this contrast makes its lands the perfect setting to experience the stories and flavors of the northeast at a pace that is pure festivity, which begins at Carnival, with the largest block in the world, Galo da Madrugada, which parades in Olinda. The crowd of revelers is not discouraged even by the large slopes, which are part of this scenario, leaving you even more enchanted.

Olinda is a city close to Recife, it is only 6 km from the capital of Pernambuco and is the portrait of the colors and diversity of this dear land. It is the base to discover Baroque churches, monasteries, convents and many museums that bring important pieces of Brazilian history. It also breathes art, with galleries and workshops packed with music. 

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Culture has never been lacking and will not be lacking, as you can already see. In Recife, the scenery also invites for long walks in the city center, watered by museums, squares, theaters, fairs, bridges, forts, palaces, monuments, all this in the midst of the Capibaribe and Beberibe rivers. History and nature mix in the capital, where one of the most famous postcards is Praia de Boa Viagem, which brings a breath and lightness amid this cultural fervor. 

Nature also leaves nothing to be desired in Pernambuco, with vegetation that ranges from paradisiacal beaches to the sertão of the caatinga, guaranteeing scenarios for all tastes. In fact, Pernambuco is that very selfish state that wanted everything for itself, even the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha, which even 500 km away is part of its territory. There are one of the beaches that has been voted the most beautiful in the world a few times, Praia do Sancho and with this information alone, you can imagine what this island has in store: crystal clear waters, one of the best diving spots and a nature that impressive for its preservation. 

Despite having a coastline of just over 185 km, Pernambuco is not bad when it comes to the beach. There are incredible places to enjoy the sun and the sea, such as Porto de Galinhas, the most classic tour among tourists. Its natural pools and the transparent green sea guarantee unforgettable experiences. Ipojuca is also a great option, especially for those looking for a quieter place with warm waters. The rustic Praia dos Carneiros and its charming Igrejinha De São Benedito, by the sea, make up one of the most coveted landscapes in Brazil, with coconut trees and even a clay bath. 

Celebrating is also a common activity in the life of Pernambuco and it is not only during Carnival that the city is crowded with tourists. In Caruaru, June festivities take place to celebrate São João and then everything stops and the forró with the quadrilles take over the scene. To give you an idea, the city receives a million tourists to shake the skeleton. 

The attractions don't end there, there's even a winter festival! Believe me, in the middle of the wild, there is Garanhuns, at 800 meters of altitude, for those who want to take a break from the heat. Or, for the adventurous, Serra do Catimbau is home to a national park with rock formations, archaeological sites and caves. In Bonito, close to the capital, there are tree climbing, zip lines, several trails and waterfalls. Not forgetting the São Francisco Valley, a grape production hub, which offers a wine tourism itinerary. Any doubts that Pernambuco has everything? 


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