We compiled a compilation of one of our favorite travel programs, suitable for those who like to discover new destinations in a different way.

People travel for different reasons. Find a friend who lives far away, have fun with your love, to learn a new language or simply discover a dream destination. For now, staying at home is the best we can do to make all this time pass quickly, but there are also other ways to travel and get inspired without taking your bags.

One of the most watched travel programs, the Peter Around the World, has a series of episodes published for travelers to watch on Youtube. The more than perfect production, recorded by the GNT channel and presented by Pedro Andrade, brings a narrative unlike anything you've ever seen. A mix of travel, popular traditions and script inspirations.

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Travel program: Pedro Pelo Mundo. Photo: Disclosure

Are you one of those people who loves learning about new cultures and is always looking for inspiration for the perfect trip? Normally, this type of traveler loves to be informed and learn about interesting facts about countries and cities. Even when he's at home, he loves to watch travel movies, documentaries and TV shows about unusual places around the world.

Pedro Andrade has traveled to different destinations and tells some curiosities about different countries. In the channel below you will find precious tips about Morocco, Iceland, Miami, Berlin, Nepal, Egypt and countless other fascinating places around the world. Learn a little more about each of these 15 destinations.

Travel shows to watch on Youtube


London, known as the Capital of the World, has some of the liveliest nightlife in Europe. Travel through the land of the queen discovering different curiosities of bustling and cosmopolitan London!


Athens and Mykonos were the destinations chosen to discover the beauties and ancient stories of Greece. Are you passionate about Greek culture? Check out these Greece travel tips and find out more about the cradle of Western civilization and philosophy.


Travel through the beauties of Iceland, Europe. The icy North Atlantic island and its volcanoes were intrigued by the Vikings and intrigued to this day. There is no shortage of mysteries and curiosities to discover in one of the most exotic countries in Europe.


The darling of Brazilian travelers, Miami can be revisited for different reasons. In this article from Pedro Pelo Mundo, visit Miami going beyond shopping, learning more about the city, nightlife and a multitude of entertainment attractions for all ages.


Travel and fall in love with exotic Fez, discovering the history of the first Moroccan imperial city and one of the great surprises of the African continent. Have fun and get lost in the alleys of the Medida de Fez and these tips about Morocco.


The charming and unique Havana was the theme of Pedro's travel program, creating an invitation for those who want to travel back in time through the largest city in Cuba, the Caribbean Island located between Miami, Jamaica and the Bahamas. Bask in Cuban rhythm and culture on a trip that will make anyone envious.


Everest, trekking in Nepal and other tips about the Asian pearl surrounded by the Himalayan mountain range. Discover the landscapes and be surprised and see what life is like for people who live in the highest mountains in the world.


Experience up close some of the mysteries and curiosities about Ancient Egypt. In this travel program, you will see some tips about the country of pyramids, mummies and artifacts. Get ready to learn more about one of the most intriguing countries in the world.


Japan's large and bustling capital attracts admirers from all over the world. With a cultural scene that has crossed oceans, Tokyo is the gateway for Brazilians who want to know more about Japan and its ancient culture.


Modernity and history mark the streets, museums and galleries of the bustling German capital. Cradle of counter-culture, Berlin is the great center of progressive arts and manifestations in Germany. Owner of a tragic past, the city grows and consolidates itself as one of the most alternative in Europe.


In this episode you will find out everything you need to know before traveling to Russia. Pedro Andrade shows curiosities about Moscow and St. Petersburg, the two cities most desired by tourists visiting the country.


Unmissable tips about Colombia on this trip from Peter Around the World. The country is one of the great surprises of South America. Find out some interesting facts and attractions for your trip to Cartagena de Indias and Medellín.


No matter what you expect from a trip to Croatia, visiting Dubrovnik is sure to surprise you. Are you passionate about series like Game Of Thrones? The city has no less than 19 locations where scenes from the series were shot. In this way you can see one of the best preserved medieval scenes in Europe.


Travel through the food and tourist attractions of Montreal, the city that has the most restaurants per person in the world. With a cosmopolitan climate, the city is one of the great destinations chosen by those who want to study in canada.

Mexico City

Popular culture, wrestling, gastronomic itineraries and the strengthening of Mexico City as an intriguing destination. In this episode of the travel show Peter Around the World, travel through the curiosities and traditions of the Mexican capital.

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