Want to plan a perfect trip? These travel sites provide precious tips for those who want to enjoy their vacation without worries.

Thinking about planning your next trip? So how about getting the help of travel sites created precisely to help travelers from all over the world in many ways? For this, check out our list of 8 of these sites below and your planning can certainly be done in a much faster and even more economical way.

Even though it's all about travel, each site has a specific purpose, so you won't get lost in information, finding directly what you need.

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8 travel websites for you to follow and plan your next trip

travel better

As its name suggests, the travel better encourages readers to travel more and better. How? Simple: the site has a section full of complete guides to different destinations, as well as hundreds of travel tips that are always up to date.

Don't know where to go? Take a look at this site: you don't need to create any registration, just browse to take advantage of the tips.


the focus of Airbnb is to help you find budget accommodation that suits you. Want to stay in an entire apartment overlooking the beach? Or rent a room with a host in London? Here you will find these and many other spaces, whether whole or not.

In addition to being perfect for those who want to experience the local culture, the site is also very helpful for those traveling as a family.


Buying airline tickets is part of planning a trip, and in this regard the MaxMiles is one of the best, if not the best, travel sites.

It is possible to find tickets with a discount of up to 50%, as they are issued with miles, without having to have accumulated miles. But, if you have them, another advantage: on this site you can also sell them quickly and easily.


Want to take a really cheap trip?

registering in worldpackers you will find countless possibilities to exchange services for accommodation in hostels around the world. You can work in a hostel garden, help at the reception, exercise some of your skills, like creating a website for that space, and even get involved in social projects, among other things.


If you already have a chosen destination, but you are not sure what to do there, visit TripAdvisor, one of the most accessed travel sites in the world.

The reason?

It is basically an international network, where each traveler can post photos and reviews about hotels, tours, restaurants and many other places about all the destinations they visit. So, just access it and inform your destination to be able to see what other people are saying about it and the options it offers to tourists.


Still in terms of accommodation, be sure to also know the Booking.com. In it you will find several accommodation options (either the most classic, such as hotels and inns, to others, such as hostels) in different parts of the world.

Reservations are made quickly and offer some interesting perks.

The world according to Brazilians

A travel site where Brazilians give tips and explanations about destinations around the world.

This is The world according to Brazilians, which also includes many curiosities and particularities about each destination disclosed. And the best: always with a touch of proximity to the local culture, after all we are talking about people who left Brazil to actually live in another country.


What specific travel sites for lovers of the famous backpacking do you know?

THE backpackers.com is in this environment, being a complete channel for those looking for extremely economical travel tips, as well as being able to share their experiences and, on top of that, get to know many destinations that provide contact with nature and the practice of sports, such as trekking.

Not sure which of these travel sites to visit first? Go according to your need, but one thing is for sure: ALL of them can help you in some way.

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Dica extra para reservar hotéis

Para encontrar inúmeras opções de acomodação e reservar hotéis e pousadas com os melhores preços, utilizamos o Booking.com - disponível em milhares de destinos.

Passagens aéreas mais baratas

Para economizar com voos, consultamos primeiro as passagens aéreas na MaxMilhas, - quase sempre encontramos os melhores preços tanto no Brasil quanto no exterior. As passagens podem ser emitidas mesmo para quem não tem milhas aéreas.

Outras dicas úteis

Encontre informações úteis sobre os best destinations do mundo, com guias de viagens especializados sobre diferentes places to visit in Brazil e no exterior. São milhares de travel tips com sugestões de onde ir na sua viagem, recomendação de hotels, notícias atualizadas e muito mais.

Precisa de um carro na sua viagem? Encontre aluguel de carro na Rentcars e cote modelos diferentes podendo ser parcelado em até 10x. Já para passeios e ingressos antecipados, fechamos tudo sempre pela Get Your Guide.

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