A perfect trip for that profile of traveler who values tranquility, seeks destinations less agitated by the large mass of tourists and wants more remarkable experiences, in addition to good days of rest. If your idea is to fully experience the routine of people who live in isolated landscapes in the midst of nature, meet traditional communities in the northeast and still enjoy the tranquility of remote settings, this trip is for you.

Surely you must have heard about the Route of Emotions, a tourist itinerary that explores the coast of 3 states in northeastern Brazil, maranhão, Piauí and Ceará passing through the main attractions of each of the states: Maranhão sheets, Delta do Parnaíba and Jericoacoara. What many do not know is the possibility of making the most of this incredible itinerary by getting to know small communities in these regions. Staying overnight in the villages and getting to know more about a less touristy northeast, but completely charming.

The advantages of being in these small villages is the location closer to several attractions combined with the calm and tranquility of these small fishing villages, which practically live on tourism and fishing. The fact that they are more “isolated” does not differ in the structure to receive tourists, in all destinations it is possible to find great accommodation and restaurants that offer the best of local cuisine, in addition to the intense interaction with the natives in a unique experience.

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Mandacaru Lighthouse. Photo: Viaja Minas

Mandacaru Lighthouse. Photo: Viaja Minas

Burning of the Brits. Photo: Viaja Minas

Parnaiba - PI. Photo: Cíntia Borges

Guajiru. Photo: Jeremie Tronet

Guajiru. Photo: Luiz Felipe Sahd

Guajiru. Photo: Flickr – Silvio A

Jericoacoara – Photo: Thelmo Mattos

Jericoacoara – Photo: Mizael Brandão

Jericoacoara – Photo: Eduardo Hanazaki

the receptive agency EcoAdventure, has been promoting the entire Rota das Emoções for more than 18 years and offers a special itinerary that promises an in-depth tourism experience in paradisiacal places, passing through the communities of Santo Amaro, Lagoa Bonita and Atins, traditional communities that live among the sand dunes of the in Lençóis Maranhense, in the friendly city of Parnaíba next to the Delta do Parnaíba, in Barra Grande, one of the most beautiful beaches in Piauí and in the cities of Guajirú and Jericoacoara in Ceará.

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