Sought after by many Brazilians and foreigners, the Parque Nacional de Fernando de Noronha, is one of the most popular destinations for travelers thanks to its many natural attractions, especially the wonderful beaches chosen as one of the most beautiful in the world, spread over the 21 islands that make up the archipelago.

Because it is a considerably expensive destination, many people most of the time do not even budget for a trip to the island, others believe that the pearl of Pernambuco is a distant dream and that it can only be visited after years of planning, but the truth is Fernando de Noronha It is a destination that can be added to your travel list, if you are aware of several information that can help you not to take away tragic memories of the moment that should have been the perfect vacation.

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Fees in Fernando de Noronha

As it is within a preservation area, Fernando de Noronha has a fee charged according to the stay of each visitor staying on the island.

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The fee amount is R$79.20 the first day (April/2021 data), but it does not follow a gradual increase. For example, the environmental tax of Fernando de Noronha (TPA 2021), for 5 days of accommodation, is R$ 389.68 per person, which must be paid upon arrival at the airport or paid in advance through online tickets, in this if it is necessary to take the proof of payment to Noronha. At the airport there will be an exclusive entrance for those who opted for this option.

The value of the environmental preservation fee is doubled if the tourist or visitor is not duly and previously authorized by the general administration.

There is another entrance fee to the Fernando de Noronha National Park to have the ticket that gives access to some beaches on the island (Sancho, Sueste and Leão). you pay it for site or at a tourist information desk at Praça Flamboyant, in Vila dos Remédios. Value for Brazilians is R$81.00 (data July/2016). Do you accept credit card.

Transport in Fernando de Noronha

Contrary to what many think, it is not necessary to rent a buggy or live by taxi to explore Noronha, the island is very small and has only 17 km² where visitors can visit the attractions on foot, by bicycle or through the public transport offered. by the district.

The cost of public transport is compatible with that of Brazilian capitals, since a taxi ride will hardly cost less than R$50.00. Another option is to rent a motorcycle or buggy, with rates ranging from R$150.00 to R$250.00.

Do you have a bank in Fernando de Noronha?

Noronha has Santander and Bradesco branches in Vila dos Remédios, a 24-hour bank at the airport and at the Tamar project and a lottery store where it is possible to carry out transactions with Caixa Econômica customers.

Most establishments accept debit and credit cards, only more rustic places like street vendors and natives who rent chairs on some beaches on the island use only cash.

How to get to Fernando de Noronha?

Fernando de Noronha is only accessed by commercial flights that go to the destination daily from Recife by Gol and Azul and from Natal by Azul, there are no tourist boats that make this route.

How many days is worth staying in Noronha?

If you enjoy nature and can literally be stranded for a few days in the best “lost in paradise” style, it is advisable to stay at least 6 or 7 days to explore the islands of the archipelago. There are numerous attractions to be visited and different tours sold that provide another experience in Fernando de Noronha.

Best time to visit Noronha

The island is very busy in the months of January, July and December and they are considered the high season. The months of February, August and September are the best times due to the calmness of the sea and the movement of people circulating through the archipelago.

The low season is the rainy season that usually arrives in the region in the months of March, maintaining the climate until June.

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