Only in Angra do Reis, there are more than 365 islands with 2 thousand beaches bathed by an ocean of clear waters and a diverse marine life. There are so many beaches that nautical culture is almost mandatory, since part of these islands are also inhabited, such as the largest and best known of all, the Big Island. In addition to beautiful beaches, countless stories and diverse legends tell about pirates, shipwrecks and other mysteries that enveloped these seas in ancient times.

Departing by car, it is about 163 km from the city of Ubatuba (SP), on the coast of São Paulo, and on the opposite side, only 155 km from the city of Rio de Janeiro, capital of Rio de Janeiro. Despite the easy access, Angra dos Reis (RJ) presents landscapes of extreme beauty, and is one of the most charming stops in the green Coast – tourist route that crosses part of the coast of São Paulo to one of the most disputed regions of the state of Rio de Janeiro, passing by beaches, waterfalls, mountains and islands covered by Atlantic Forest still preserved.

Quite sought after, mainly, for its paradisiacal beaches and its deserted islands in the best “magazine cover” style. The city of Angra dos Reis ends up serving as a gateway for those looking to explore these beaches, most of them with access departing from the central port or in boats that pick you up at seaside hotels. Both on the mainland and on the high seas, on Ilha Grande, for example, a great tourist structure with restaurants, hotels, inns and agencies that make life easier for travelers who want to know the main points of Angra dos Reis and surroundings, with tours regular.

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THE Angra Way, a local operator, is one of the agencies that work with boat and schooner trips, in addition to organizing other ready-made and personalized itineraries through the Costa Verde region. The agency also offers the transfer service as an option and can be a good alternative for those who visit the city and do not have their own vehicle.

You boat trips through the islands show the beauty of the Rio de Janeiro coast from another angle. Along the way, strategic stops on paradisiacal islands and on the high seas are perfect for taking a dip and snorkeling to see the variety of fish in an absurdly transparent water.


In addition to the beaches, the city also offers cultural and historical tours, passing buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries that include churches, convents, monuments and mansions. The history of the city can be discovered in a few hours of walking, or in a city tours offered by the various tourist agencies in the city.

Nature was very generous with this region of Rio de Janeiro, the diverse marine life and the transparency of the waters make the region one of the best diving spots in the country. During the dives, in addition to fish of numerous species, molluscs, crustaceans, turtles and koreas also often appear, being an unmissable tour for the adepts of the activity, who also find some shipwrecks along the way.



Are you keen to discover this paradise? Check out the tips we have separated with some attractions to visit in Angra dos Reis – Tourism in Angra dos Reis: what to see and do. Among the highlights are: Ilha da Gipóia and its famous Praia das Flechas and Dentista, the natural aquarium on the Botinas Islands and other untouched paradises on Ilha Grande.

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