Enjoy the coldest season of the year or make the trip during the summer? Discover the best option for your vacation in Patagonia

One thing is for sure, whether in summer or during the Winter, a Patagonia It is a destination that deserves to be visited more than once and at different times of the year. In both the Chilean and Argentine parts, the southernmost region of the planet is home to untouched and very well preserved scenery. A paradise for adventurers seeking out-of-the-ordinary destinations. There are national parks, mountains, glaciers, forests, lagoons and a multitude of trails and outdoor activities to do in nature.

During the summer

In summer, the days are also longer and the nights shorter, with more light, it is better to take some walks. The paths are quieter and more signposted, which guarantees more time to enjoy the attractions visited. Depending on the day, sunrise is around 6 am and sunset is after 9 pm, which is a great help if your idea is to hike and enjoy the attractions with more time.

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The winter centers for skiing and snowboarding are closed due to the absence of snow, but there are different circuits and tours which are only available during the hottest time of the year. If you want to see penguins, this is the right time to make your trip. On the Argentine side of Patagonia, it is possible to meet thousands of them while navigating through the Beagle Channel, in Ushuaia, which goes to Martillo Island. On the Chilean Patagonian side, the colonies are concentrated in Magdalena and Marta Island, 35 km from the city of Punta Arenas (where the Chilean Patagonia international airport is located).

It is also at this time that the trekking circuits of the Torres del Paine National Park, in Chile, are enabled. In winter it is also possible to enjoy the attractions of the park and even stay there, some local travel agencies Puerto Natales They also offer guided tours and transfers included, in addition to having the option of staying in hotels and campsites in the park. Which is certainly a good thing any time of year. It is also in the summer that the tours leave to do mini-trekkings on the glaciers, one of the most incredible experiences in Patagonia.

During the winter

The season in winter centers starts in earnest. destinations like Ushuaia and bariloche receive a considerable number of visitors who arrive in the cities to practice sports and activities in the snow. Some lakes on the outskirts of Patagonia are frozen, almost all the roads and paths are white and, depending on where you are, the temperature can reach up to -12 degrees.  

At this time the days are shorter, the opposite of summer. Depending on the period and location, the sun rises around 10 am and starts to darken at 6 pm. Even with less light time, the trip is also worth it. The landscapes are more charming and the attractions are rarely crowded, which makes it possible to see more birds and wild animals along the trails, such as hares, foxes, huemul, guanacos and even pumas.

As most of the mountains are snowy, the probability of seeing snow is also higher, even in the lower parts of cities. Winter is harsh, but all cities are well structured to receive low temperatures. Practically all hotels, inns and hostels in Patagonia have powerful heaters, both on the Chilean side and in Argentina. The showers are also gas, with very hot shower options.

intermediate stations 

Few people consider traveling during spring and autumn. Which is often a mistake, as the landscapes are equally enchanting. Most of the tours are still available and the length of the days is not usually so drastic. During autumn the vegetation is colored in reddish tones, low temperatures arrive and the mountains begin to snow. In spring, the landscape is different, blizzards are not common, but it can also be an excellent time to enjoy the trails and national parks with clearer days.

How is the weather in Patagonia?

The weather in Patagonia is very unstable and can easily change from one day to the next. In summer, the winds are also usually strong and if you go for walks to see glaciers, do navigations or go up in high altitude places, being well equipped for the cold is extremely necessary even at this time. During winter care needs to be redoubled. Choose to go with waterproof shoes to walk in the snow, in addition the use of gloves, hats and thermal blouses are extremely necessary. To rent ski equipment, trekking poles, crampons and shoes for walking in the snow or other adventure equipment, the store Ushuaia Extremo, at Av. San Martín is open throughout the year and also offers these services.

* This trip was made at the invitation of the Chile Travel in collaboration with the Better Travel Guide.

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