Traveling to Peru, Europe and the United States just got more expensive. Brazilian currency also loses even more value when compared to the British currency

After a historical nominal record of devaluation of the Brazilian currency against the dollar, traveling abroad became more expensive, including to some countries close to the South America. Compared to the currencies of 31 nationalities, the real is the one that has had the greatest rate of decline against the dollar.

According to a survey carried out by the company Consulting Trends and published in different brazilian portals, just in the period between January 02 and February 14, 2020, the national currency had a low of -6,22% compared to the dollar, while the new sol (Peru), at the same time, reached the mark of -1,94%. The Chilean peso (Chile) reached -5%, the Argentine peso -2.57% and the Mexican currency increased by +1.95% in the same period, going against the other countries.

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Traveling to Peru, Europe and the United States is getting more and more expensive. Photo: Reproduction / Pxhere

Traveling to Machu Picchu, Cusco and Other Peruvian Destinations Just Got More Expensive

Two years ago, on the day April 24th In 2018, the Peruvian Nuevo Sol was worth R$ 1.07, today the exchange rate between the currencies reached R$ 1.65. Likewise, in August 2017, the difference was even smaller, with R$ 0.96 at the price at the time. Although Peruvian destinations have a lower cost of living when compared to Brazil, the historic high points to an important factor.

Economists realize that, even with the global health crisis, other countries managed to dribble a sudden drop in the economy through other strategies. Political crisis may be one of the justifications for the retraction of the internal market, in addition to the departure of 44.7 billion of Brazilian dollars in 2019. As published by the central bank, since 1982 this is the largest net withdrawal of foreign currency in national territory.

In this way, with the rise of the dollar, euro and pound, the South America travel would be an opportunity for Brazilians to cross borders, keeping international destinations on the route. However, with the devaluation of the national currency, it is likely that domestic tourism could be the most economical choice for post-pandemic travel.

Rising tourism dollar makes travel abroad more expensive

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