If the adventure in Brazil has a name, it's Tocantins, for offering experiences of immensity in nature, in surreal scenarios, surrounded by the Amazon rainforest and closed. It is a relatively new region for tourism, as in the last 20 years some roads began to be built to facilitate transport, thus ensuring access to the wonders that this state hides. 

It didn't take long for Jalapão to turn his face to Tocantins and become one of the most coveted destinations for travelers. This fame doesn't come for free, after all, we are talking about a state park, with an environmental conservation area with more than 30 thousand square kilometers, full of waterfalls, dunes, plateaus, impressive rock formations and the beautiful fervedouros of crystal clear water that are a postcard of the region.

Take a trip to jalapão it requires a certain effort to venture out on steep paths, in the middle of the forest and with little luxury, as there are only very simple inns and campsites on offer. All to connect with the atmosphere of peace and connection. 

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Another rarity in the state is the Bananal Island, the largest river island in the world, located between the Javaés and Araguaia rivers. It is very special because it is there that the Brazilian cerrado and the Amazon rainforest meet, with a unique look.

In addition, visiting it is a way to learn more about the local culture, as there are some indigenous villages, so to enter the island you need a permit from the ICMBio or the National Indian Foundation (Funai). Usually the tourists who go to it, also take the opportunity to visit the municipality of Lagoa da Confusão, the main access to the Araguaia National Park, shelter of numerous species of vegetation and endangered animals, where a lagoon of crystal blue water can be found, which bears the same name as the municipality. 

Attractions in Tocantins


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THE Tocantins it has many rivers in its territory, as you can already see, and in Palmas, its capital, it would be no different. There are several freshwater beaches that are bathed by the Tocantins River, to cool off on the hottest days, which are very common in the northern region of the country. So be sure to include these names in the list: Praia da Graciosa, da Prata. das Arnos, Caju and Ilha de Canela, which is spectacular! 

Palmas is also a planned city that has been developing more and more and is a great bet for tourism. There is also no lack of adventure, as the main attractions are trails, free flights, zip lines and other sports.

In the historical scope, the Araguaia Palace is the best source of information about the facts of the territory and the Coluna Prestes Memorial, designed by Oscar Niemeyer. And last but not least, Praça dos Girassóis cannot be left out, as it is the largest square in Latin America and the second largest in the world.

And of course, once in the capital, it's worth taking a trip to a town called Almas, just 70 km from the center. It is another opportunity to put your adrenaline into play, as it offers incredible waterfalls, canyons, rock formations and views of different species of animals. If you want adventure, you already know where to find it. 


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