Voluntary travel allows discover new places and do good by sharing skills and knowledge 

A trip goes far beyond discovering amazing places around the world. When visiting a new destination, you end up expanding your perspective on a new culture and carrying out an exchange of learning and customs.

One way to make an experience even more enriching, whether in Brazil or in other countries, is to take a voluntary trip. It's a trip like any other, but with a big difference: you get to know new places and, at the same time, help a community.

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The possibilities are diverse, such as helping to rebuild a country or empowering women. You can choose the cause you most identify with and make your tour, in addition to an incredible experience, an experience full of meaning.

Some agencies are specialized in this type of trip, such as Volunteer Vacations. A pioneer in the segment in Brazil, it has itineraries for 20 countries and more than 30 profiles of social projects. The company has listed some itineraries to carry out a unique humanitarian experience.

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Educational Activities in Haiti

Haiti was devastated by an earthquake in 2010 and has struggled ever since to get back on its feet. More than 3 million people were affected by the biggest earthquake the country has ever experienced, in addition to the devastation of the country's fragile infrastructure.

Through an action in the community of Onaville, which was born after the earthquake and is classified by the UN as the largest camp for internally displaced people in the country, volunteers will be able to take educational activities to children, teachers and professionals who stay in orphanages - extremely needy institutions that shelter large numbers of orphaned children.

Environmental preservation in Indonesia

The location between two continents, Asia and Oceania, makes Indonesia a nation with unique characteristics and a culturally rich country. Indonesia is made up of the largest archipelago in the world, however, the country does not properly dispose of its garbage – small towns produce more than 55,000 tons of solid waste a day, polluting the atmosphere and ocean.

On the paradise island of Sumbawa, volunteers can participate in a children's project that is focused on preserving the environment. The objective is to encourage children's interest in environmental preservation through activities to reuse solid waste to create educational and recreational games.

Educational projects on Ilha de Deus

Approximately 2,000 inhabitants live from fishing and handicrafts on Ilha de Deus, located in Recife. Through the NGO Saber Viver, volunteers will be able to work directly with the residents of the community by offering workshops to encourage education, environmental preservation and female empowerment.

Female empowerment in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is one of the oldest countries in the world and one of the only countries on the African continent that has always managed to maintain independence. The country has several social problems and its HDI (Human Development Index) is one of the lowest on the planet.

Volunteers will be able to encourage female empowerment and financial independence by working with women artisans from the Bana tribe, who make clay and clay pieces to be sold as local crafts.

Support for women living with HIV in Kenya

Currently, Kenya is the 4th most affected country by AIDS in the world. Because of prejudice, many women are abandoned by their husbands, separated from their children and removed from the community in which they live. In many cases, they are affected by depression and various psychological problems.

Through NGOs that work for female empowerment, volunteers can collaborate with medical treatment, psychological support and a lot of empathy. The daily struggle of women becomes the struggle of everyone involved in the project.

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How to prepare for a trip – Tips that no one talks about!

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