The itinerary starts in the state capital, passes through the charming colonial city of Alcântara and ends in the wonderful desert of Lençóis Maranhenses! 

Rich in culture, history and amazing landscapes, the state of maranhão stands out among other charming destinations in the northeast for housing some of the most exotic scenarios in Brazil. The capital, Are Luís, has one of the largest complexes of historic mansions in the country, dating back to the 17th century.

In addition to the unique history and culture, the state also offers numerous natural attractions and curious cities such as the village of Alcântara, surrounded by mysteries and legends that dominate the small town. Tourists visiting the region have the opportunity to discover this and other ancient cities that carry an important piece of the history of the Brazil.

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When it comes to leisure, the option is to enjoy the beauties of the extensive coastline and get to know the largest mangrove forest in the world, on the opposite side, the visitor finds the largest coastal dune fields in Brazil. When they say that the maranhão it's unique, there's no exaggeration, few destinations can offer a range of different attractions in a region where local customs are still very authentic.

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To explore the wonders of Lencois Maranhenses National Park, the traveler can choose to stay in three municipalities that surround the National Park: barriers, Santo Amaro and Atins. The region also has other incredible attractions that need to be explored in your itinerary, such as the Mandacaru Lighthouse, Praia do Caburé and the community of Vassouras, both located on the banks of the Preguiças River.

Some companies offer the transfer service and create more economical itineraries for those who have a few days to visit both destinations. THE eco adventure , for example, has 7-day itineraries from São Luís to Lençóis Maranhenses, which can be customized for those who have less or more days available to do the route.

Your trip to the state can get even better if you extend a few more days and explore the beauties and customs of the capital of Maranhão. São Luís is the gateway to the state and it is in the capital of Ludovica that most domestic flights arrive maranhão. The city is basically divided into two parts, the historic center, where all the colonial mansions are concentrated and scattered around the surroundings, the entire new part of the city. Very close to the historic center is also the pier of São Luís from where the boats depart for Alcântara.

Both cities are home to two very important historic centers that still carry traces of colonial Brazil. All this rich architectural collection is unique and still little appreciated by Brazilians. The historic center of the capital São Luís, also known as Reviver, has numerous mansions with facades covered with Portuguese tiles, which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997 and comprises more than 3,000 mansions listed by the state historical heritage in an area of 2 2 km².

The city of Alcântara has a set of more than 300 colonial buildings – many in ruins, such as the São Matias Church, the main postcard of the charming little town. Townhouses, churches and palaces are legacies of the village's golden period, which, in the 18th century, had its heyday with the sugar cane and cotton plantations. The municipality is extremely quiet and is very close to São Luís (about 45 minutes aboard catamarans and other motorized boats) that depart daily from the city's port.

Check out some photos of this amazing tour:

St. Louis. Photo: Arik Meyer

St. Louis. Photo: Maranhao Tourism Office

Alcantara. Photo: Dan Brooke

Alcantara. Photo: Sec Turismo Maranhao

Atins. Photo: Luciano Gomes da Cruz

Beautiful Lagoon. Photo: Sylvain Bourdos

Mandacaru Lighthouse. Photo: via Viaja Minas

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