Experiences that we acquire traveling make us much more fulfilled than material possessions.

Some studies talk about how lived experiences leave much more intense marks on our memories, when compared to the purchase of material goods and other consumer items. What the study reveals is that over time we remember a trip with much more enthusiasm than the purchase of a car or other valuable object. This happens often to most people, they value experiences, dreams fulfilled and things lived much more than simply owning something physical.

These achievements in doing something really new, such as a trip or an exchange, are equal to more abstract ones, such as the satisfaction of completing a degree, achieving success in a professional career and others that are not necessarily framed as material goods, but as learning. and achievements that are often momentary, but last a lifetime.

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You may well remember that unforgettable trip you took 3 or 4 years ago, but you shouldn't give the same importance to what you bought earlier this year. This happiness generated in the moment and after the trip has an explanation: it is much more sincere and intense than acquiring something of value like a new cell phone or designer clothes. You may feel happy at the time of purchase, but that feeling lasts much less than doing something big like a backpack, an unforgettable honeymoon, a trip with friends, etc.

This is Amanda visiting the Inca ruins in Peru. Photo: Personal Archive

Amanda from the blog Amanda Travels published in notebook Estadão trip, how she found ways to reduce superfluous costs and organize these resources to travel more, even without having a lot of money. She even shared a study with research done by psychologist Thomas Gilovich, talking about how traveling brings more happiness than consuming material goods.

The conclusion is that doing different activities and having new experiences outside the routine make you happier than buying things. The study also shows some possible explanations for this:

Traveling is harder than buying things

You won't find trips on the shelf of malls or in the market. There is no buy one pay two. For a trip you need to plan, you need to think about each moment, research and choose the destination and anxiously organize each stage of this experience.

Traveling brings us closer to people

When we travel we are fully available to learn new things, meet other people and have different experiences. Being a foreigner in another country or simply traveling to unfamiliar places creates a greater need for us to relate to other people.

You will never get tired of a trip.

It's normal to lose interest in things we buy, regardless of the value. Whether it's a tablet you wanted to buy when it was new, a new TV you bought, but now only calls on weekends or other purposes. You will never forget that trip you took, even if you take several more after it.

Experiences define who you are, not what you buy

All the stories and experiences of your life, since you were little, defined the person you are today. Nothing erases your identity, strictly unique and exclusive in this world. And you're not the cell phone you have, or the car, or the sneakers you bought last year. People define themselves according to the experiences they have had throughout their lives.

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