Despite being small, the coast of Piauí is home to breathtaking scenery, perfect places to take a break from the routine, relax and throw stress away.

With a length of only 66 kilometers, the piauiense coast is located between the desert coast and very well preserved of the maranhão and Ceará. The result are beaches framed by coconut trees and gigantic dunes that go towards beaches with long strips of sand and warm waters, filling a horizon that seems to have no end. Those who visit the region also have the option of exploring a peculiar scenario that is quite different from the scenarios expected on a trip to the northeast: the Delta of the Parnaiba River, one of the largest in the world.

To explore the region, it is recommended to stay in one of the four municipalities that support this tourist region of the Piauí: the city of Parnaíba, Ilha Grande, Luis Correia and Cajueiro da Praia.

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Parnaíba is the second largest city in the state of Piauí and starting point for boat excursions that take tourists to the famous delta, an attraction formed by rivers, mangroves, lagoons, streams and more than 75 islands! If you want to have an experience out of the ordinary, be sure to check out one of the largest flocks of red guará in Brazil, a true spectacle of nature that takes place daily at sunset.

It is worth remembering that the Delta do Parnaíba is part of the Route of Emotions, along with Lençóis Maranhenses (MA) and Jericoacoara (CE).

After exploring the delta, it was time to discover the wonderful Piauí beaches. The city of Luís Correia is the municipality that concentrates most of the beaches. The journey between both cities can be carried out in tourist agencies, in their own car or in travel vans and buses.

Macapá Beach

Photo: Otávio Nogueira

Macapá beach, in Luís Correia, is still little known by the general public. It is very close to another beautiful landscape that has been drawing the attention of tourists who explore this region: Barra Grande. The natural divisor of these two beaches enchanting is the Camurupim River, which flows into the Atlantic and forms a large area of calm waters.

Coqueiro beach

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Considered the most popular on the Piauí coast, especially in high season, Praia do Coqueiro is 10 km from the center of Luís Correia. It has the best infrastructure on the coast of Piauí, with several options of bars and restaurants by the sea. In addition, it is suitable for the practice of extreme sports, such as kitesurfing and windsurfing.

Big Bar

Photo: BGK Pousada

of all beaches on the coast of Piauí, Barra Grande is one of the best known by visitors to Piauí. Located 50 km east of Parnaíba, in the municipality of Cajueiro da Praia, it is considered the best place in Brazil for kitesurfing, attracting many practitioners of this sport throughout the year.

Pedra do Sal beach

Photo: Chico Rasta

Located 15 km from the center of Parnaíba, Pedra do Sal beach is one of the most beautiful in northeastern Brazil. The place is the scenery of rocks that divide the beach into two regions forming an exuberant landscape. In addition to an unmistakable landscape, close to the beach there is a great diversity of establishments to receive tourists from all over the world.


Photo: World Guide

And finally, Carnaubinhas. The beach has this name due to its landscape full of carnaubas, typical tree of the Piauí coast, semi-covered by the dunes. The frequent wind in the region leaves the waters calm, forming pools at low tide. The beach has difficult access, with a dirt road, being possible to go through it only with 4×4 vehicles through the soft sand. However, every effort is worth it to relax and enjoy the beautiful Carnaubinha.

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