Imagine a trip through the Swiss Alps aboard the most charming express train in the world, on an enchanting itinerary, which passes through 91 tunnels and more than 35 stunning points in the region.

If you enjoy a contemplative trip, where you can admire beautiful landscapes along the way, you need to know the path of the Glacier Express, the slowest express train in the world. The route takes travelers through the Swiss Alps in about 8 hours, passing through 91 tunnels and over 290 bridges. With so many details, it's hard not to be impressed, because every moment a different surprise is revealed.

Discovering Switzerland by train

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THE train part of St. Moritz destined to Zermatt, and it takes approximately about eight hours to reach your destination. Natural spectacles and other highlights can be seen from the train's panoramic windows along the route, making time go by so fast you don't even notice.

There are more than 35 points of interest that can be seen through the windows of the Glacier Express. The most interesting thing is that when you cross one of them, the train issues a warning so that you know the exact place you are passing through. Soon after, information and curiosities about these places are issued.

Among the highlights of the trip is the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, a stunning view of French, Italian and Swiss mountains that come together at over 4,000 meters in altitude. At the lake sils you can enjoy the view of one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland, a stunning blue amidst the icy mountains. Corvatsch, the highest mountain in the region, attracts skiers and takes visitors 3,303 meters high by cable car. Along the way, the train makes some quick stops so that visitors can get to know some places more calmly.

It is possible to have meals on board the tour – there is a kitchen inside of Glacier Express where different dishes are prepared. There is also a bar car, which serves some snacks, drinks and from where it is possible to enjoy the view while standing.

Another curious fact is that, if you want, at the end of the trip you can get a kind of diploma to certify that you traveled with the Glacier Express.

Values and reservations

One-way ticket from Zermatt to St. Moritz – or vice versa – costs CHF 153 in 2nd class and CHF 269 in 1st class. Children up to 6 years old do not pay and young people up to 16 years old pay half price.

Tickets can be purchased at attraction official website. In addition to the ticket, it is necessary to reserve seats at most 90 days in advance. book here.

If you own the Swiss Travel Pass, a kind of ticket that guarantees discounts on public transport in the country, your ticket will be free, but you will still have to pay to reserve your place.

Photo: Glacier Express / Publicity

Photo: Jiali / Shutterstock

Photo: Glacier Express / Publicity

Photo: Glacier Express / Publicity

Photo: Glacier Express / Publicity

Photo: Glacier Express / Publicity

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