THE Serra dos Órgãos National Park was created in 1939, under the influence of Getúlio Vargas. The wonderful region and the important historical monuments are concentrated in 11,800 hectares totally preserved. The Park is located in the state of Rio de Janeiro, in the municipalities of Petrópolis, Teresópolis, Guapumirim and Magé. In addition to the incredible scenery, the park also has waterfalls, such as Véu da Noiva and the most popular spots for mountaineers, such as Pedra do Açu, Pedra do Sino and Dedo de Deus.

The Park has the largest network of trails in Brazil: there are more than 130 kilometers in all levels of difficulty, from the suspended trail, accessible even for wheelchair users. A paradise for adventurers, the park offers trails and trails for hiking, climbing and abseiling. One of the most popular activities is the Petrópolis-Teresópolis crossing, with 42 kilometers of trekking, considered one of the most beautiful in the country.

There are three days of adventure, including camping in the middle of the forest. Hiring guides is recommended. Those who are not so energetic or physically prepared can enjoy the lighter paths that lead to the natural viewpoints or have a picnic in the surroundings of the lake near the headquarters.

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The park is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 8 am to 5 pm and tickets cost R$ 10.00. Residents of the cities around the park (Teresópolis, Petrópolis, Guapi and Magé – presenting proof of residence – pay R$ 2.00).

Parking costs R$ 5.00 and the overnight stay in the park, which has accommodation and a camping area, requires prior authorization. For more comfort, look for the city of Teresópolis, where you will find hotels and shops.



The best time to practice trekking the place is between May and August, as the climate becomes drier and makes walking easier. To bathe in waterfalls and natural pools, the ideal period is from November to February, however, care must be taken with the so-called heads of water, which are the strong floods that reach the stretches close to the rivers.

For the less accustomed, the park has guides authorized by Ibama to lead groups to the summit of the most difficult peaks.

Serra dos Orgaos

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