The Manaus Porto Velho boat trip takes 4 or 5 days exploring the beauties of the Madeira River over 1239 kilometers

The vast territory of the Amazon Forest is practically impenetrable, in its extensive area few roads allow people who live in the middle of the forest to move around the region.

The easiest way to explore the world's largest rainforest is river transport, River Route, tourist attraction that connects the cities of Bethlehem x Santarém x manaus, is the best known among travelers, but it is possible to visit other states and even cross the borders of other countries by boat, such as Manaus x Iquitos, in Peru, or Manaus x Tabatinga, a city that borders the municipality of Letícia, in Colombia.

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Travel from Manaus to Porto Velho by boat

the journey of manaus until Porto Velho in boat (or vice versa) is done in 4 or 5 days exploring the beauties of the Madeira River in more than 1239 kilometers.

Along the way, some stops are made in the largest port cities along the way, such as Nova Olinda do Norte, Borba, Novo Arapuana, Manicoré and Humaitá.

Travel from Manaus to Porto Velho. Photo: Luiz Navarro

Boat trip Manaus Porto Velho

Photo: via flickr Erikaheinzurlaub

Boat trip Manaus Porto Velho

Sunset seen from the boat. Photo: Dirk Borchers

You boats leave the main port of manaus twice a week. The values vary according to the vessel and option of overnight stay, being able to choose the traditional hammocks or a private cabin with two beds and air conditioning. The ticket price already includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is also a small bar with few products for sale such as soft drinks, beers and sweets.

The amount of wood floating along the river that joins the two capitals in northern Brazil gives the name to the extensive flow of brown water, on the way it is possible to see a multitude of riverside communities and some animals that live near the riverbank.

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