Best attractions in Capitólio: check out our tips on what to visit and where to stay and plan your trip to Capitólio

If you are looking for a simple trip and at the same time different from the standard destinations, the solution may be to go to some places that are off the radar of the vast majority of tourists. An example of this is the picturesque and bucolic city of Capitol, in the state of Minas Gerais.

Want to know why? We'll reveal the secret to you...

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Capitol is a Brazilian municipality located in the southwest of the state of Minas Gerais, with about 8,663 people (2020 census) living in a total area of 522 km2.

The city's slogan is “Queen of Lagos”, in reference to its proximity to the Furnas Reservoir lake. With the flooding of the lake, part of the old city of Capitol was submerged. When the water drops more than 10 meters, you can see the old church of the ruins if you are in the city of Guapé.

Three main destinations in the Southwest show that the city is relatively close: São Paulo (439.3 km, about six hours), Rio de Janeiro (658.4 km, about 9 and a half hours) and Belo Horizonte (288.5 km, almost four and a half hours).

A trip to the Capitol involves visits to unusual places such as Lake Furnas, created by the dam of furnas, known as the “sea of mines“; stroll along the so-called Praia Artificial de Capitólio, on the outskirts of the city, where the carnival parties take place; bathe in the Lagoa Azul Waterfall, with clear waters and natural pools; or explore Morro do Chapéu, whose top has a plateau with tropical vegetation and water springs that form waterfalls as they descend the slopes.

Come with us to check out some of the highlights that still make the region an essential attraction for those who enjoy great moments of contact with nature.

Capitol Tourism: 9 must-see attractions

Breathtaking landscapes are characteristic in many Brazilian cities, but here the highlight is because it is a bucolic location that characterizes tourism in Capitólio as one of the ones that most promotes contact with sustainability.

Furnas Lake

Trip to Capitol

Best Attractions in Capitólio, Minas Gerais. Photo: Disclosure

The reservoir formed by the plant of the same name is called Furnas Lake, or as it is colloquially known, “Mar de Minas” and bathes 34 cities in the state. At its maximum operational level, it covers an area of approximately 1,440 square kilometers and spans two main arms, the first to the east of the dam, 240 km along the Rio Grande, and the other to the south, 170 km along the Sapuque.

For the construction of the reservoir, large tracts of fertile land had to be submerged, which required the evacuation of the sites. As a result, the business has been unpopular since the factory was built, actually doing a disservice to those who make a living from agriculture. However, its creation also facilitated the emergence of new landscapes that could be used for recreation. In this way, the development of tourism around the site became important and could compensate for the initial loss. More than 260 tourist developments have been established around the reservoir, including hotels, inns and sailing clubs.

The 34 municipalities affected by the dam formed the Municipal Association of Lago de Furnas (ALAGO), which aims to promote tourist activity and the development of the entire region, exploring the lake's potential, while seeking to protect the environment, alerting pollution from fertilizers and pesticides, in addition to the release of untreated sewage, deforestation of the surroundings and garbage disposal.

Lost paradise

trip to capitol

Best Attractions in Capitólio, Minas Gerais. Photo: Marcopilas / WIkimedia Commons

Located between Lake Furnas and Serra da Canastra, in the municipality of São Joao Batista do Glória, in the southwest region of the state of Minas Gerais. It is a magnificent complex of natural pools of various colors and waterfalls with crystal clear waters that come from the mountains where they are totally preserved. It consists of several pools of various sizes, some shallow, others several meters deep, as well as beautiful waterfalls.

The area is private and was purchased with the sole purpose of being preserved. In a small part there is a campsite for nature lovers to enjoy the natural beauties. There are also five Masonry Tents, similar to a Swiss chalet, with two single beds (a mattress can be added for a third person), electric light and socket for small equipment such as cell phones. To be able to use these tents it is necessary to bring bedding, pillows and blankets.

At the edge of the campsite, there are signs that guide those who wish to visit the streams on the necessary precautions to ensure safety and the preservation of nature. There are small red footprints on the floor that suggest where to go more safely. Always take sneakers, pappete sandals and sneakers with non-stick soles so they can get wet and still allow you to walk on dry stones without the risk of slipping.

Fecho da Serra waterfall

trip to capitol

Photo: Disclosure

One of the most beautiful in the region, it has the largest volume of water in the municipality. A drop of 30 meters and a large well that provides a place for bathing mark the landscape, surrounded by the valley of Fecho da Serra, which has walls of more than 100 meters, in addition to many springs of clear water.

The road that gives access is dirt, with very steep sections, so be prepared and be careful not to have any accidents. If you are driving, it is possible to stop about 300 meters away and walk on a quiet trail to the bathing place itself. If you go on the right side of the river it is possible to reach the place and position yourself behind the fall, as long as you are very careful, as the stones are very slippery.

Best of all, there's no entry fee!

Blue Lagoon Waterfall

best attractions

Photo: Disclosure

Tourism in Capitólio is not complete without a stop to appreciate the two waterfalls of this waterfall, an invitation to a relaxing bath. Depending on the sun on the day of the visit, the fall takes on shades of green and the well is ideal for a very calm dip.

Access is from Lake Furnas. Do you have time? Try climbing the waterfall to the highest drop, going through a journey that takes just five minutes. There a small pond offers a relaxing bath. For those who are in the lake, access to the lower part is free, but to reach the upper part it is necessary to pay forty reais, paid separately and not included in the tours.

Canyons Lookout

best attractions

Best Attractions in Capitólio, Minas Gerais. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

One of the most visited and emblematic attractions of the city, it is from there that it is possible to locate and identify that corner of Largo de Furnas ideal for you to spend the day without being bothered by the crowds of visitors. It is located on the MG-050 road, Km 315, between Cachoeira Lagoa Azul and Cascata Eco Parque.

The visit is charged and includes: central viewpoint, entrance 1; lover's gazebo, entrance 3; and the Mirante dos Canyons Waterfall, entrance 2. Still in the parking lot, you will see the central viewpoint, where you will pay approximately R$ 20.00. Then comes the viewpoint of lovers, where you can see a meeting of the waters that form a heart. Finally, go down a small path to the waterfall well,

Oh, and don't forget to ask for the location of the famous “photo rock”, a standard point with an incredible view used to pose for group photos, family photos or simply to capture the scenery. It's really breathtaking!

Dicadinha Waterfall

best attractions

Best Attractions in Capitólio, Minas Gerais. Photo: Wikiloc

It is in front of the Mirante dos Canyons. The entrance costs twenty reais and is covered by a small trail that takes the tourist to this waterfall with levels in a gorge, great for swimming and taking pictures.

Capybara Waterfall

capitol attractions

Best Attractions in Capitólio, Minas Gerais. Photo: Disclosure

The Complexo da Cachoeira da Capivara and Pedra Ancorada are some of the most popular tourist spots for having spectacular trails with more than 40 natural pools along the way. Cachoeira da Capivara can be accessed through a 900-meter trail inserted in a stunning setting and located on the banks of a stream.

It is the most complete waterfall in the city, with a convenience store, restrooms, parking and a restaurant with typical Minas Gerais food. Its path passes along the banks of the river and allows several stops for bathing.

The walk to the site requires some skill in jumping rocks and crossing the river from one side to the other. Although there are wooden bridges that help the passage, it is good to be careful not to lose your balance and take a surprise bath.

Blue Lake Quarry

capitol attractions

Best Attractions in Capitólio, Minas Gerais. Photo: Luan Alves Chaves / Wikimedia Commons

Despite the name, the place is not a waterfall or a natural work. They are the remains of an old mineral extraction area. There the water that sprang from the subsoil swallowed the stones.

The look of Pedreira Lagoa Azul is perfect for bathing, almost always with clear water and an intense blue. There is, however, no reliable information on the quality of the quarry's water and the suitability of the place for bathing. There are reports that the water turned green and lost its usual clear appearance during peak seasons and tourist crowds. It is worth finding a way to discuss with an expert (or even your travel agency) the conditions of the place.

Hat Hill Trail

capitol tourist attractions

Best Attractions in Capitólio, Minas Gerais. Photo: Andressa Goulart – wikiloc

This trail leads to one of the highest points in the city, reaching an altitude of 1,293 meters. There it is possible to have a view of the city and also of other neighborhoods such as Guapé, Piumhí, São José da Barra and Alpinópolis.

The great attraction along the way is the diversity of fauna and flora. There are even possibilities of encountering wild animals on the way. But to reach the top you must make a trail, which can be covered by car, motorcycle, bicycle and even walking.

The route also shows flagstones, plateaus and stone walls built in the beginning of the last century by the artist Nestor Caetano. Once at the top, visit the Chapel with the image of Nossa Senhora dos Desamparados.

Pousada in Capitólio: see where to stay

Tired of the ride? Time to take a break and rest the good old skeleton. Choosing a good place to spend the night is as important as the day trips, so we went in search of the best options for a hostel in Capitólio. Here's what we found.

Open Heart Ranch

Located in a private cove, on the shores of the Mar de Minas, it has been operating since 2018 as a Private Resort, where you can enjoy the privacy of a home and the privileges of the services of a private resort. There are also some services such as bathing in the lake, stand up paddle, pier for sunbathing and contemplation of nature, sauna facing the lake, massage tent facing the lake, infinity pool overlooking the lake, hammocks and a beautiful private beach with an amazing view.

  • Address: str. do Dique, s/n, Capitólio, MG.
  • book here

Escarpas do Lago Hotel

The resort consists of more than 800 houses, all with paved and illuminated streets, treated water, 24-hour surveillance, more than 2600 square meters of squares and leisure area, 200 thousand square meters of green and preserved area, being considered one of the best in Latin America, occupying a total area of more than 1,400 square kilometers. The hotel itself is in a privileged location, with spacious and comfortable accommodation tailored for groups, family groups and corporate events.

  • Address: Rua das Caravelas, 25 – Escarpas do Lago, Capitólio, MG.
  • book here

Hotel Chalet Capitólio

Located in one of the most exuberant landscapes of Minas Gerais, full of mountains, forests, and facing the Piumhi River, it combines personalized service, comfort, tranquility and fun. It is five km from Capitólio, next to Chalé do Queijo. The establishment also has an infinity pool, bungalows for relaxation, a deep and children's pool with slide, fishing area, restaurant and bar service and children's playground.

  • Address: Rodovia MG 050, KM 282, Fazenda Tropeiros, Rural Area, Capitólio, MG.
  • book here

Pousada Solar Dona Dora

Solar on the shores of Lake Furnas facing Funil Island. It is only 12 km from the center of Capitólio, going along a gravel road, passing by the containment dike that divides the watersheds of the São Francisco River (Rio Piumhi) and the Rio Grande. It is next to one of the most traditional condominiums of residential ranches, close to the famous restaurant Kanto da Ilha and Cervejaria Scarpas. With the previous name of Rancho Vóvó Dora, it underwent a restructuring in 2016, becoming the inn of today.

  • Address: Estrada do Dique/Ilha km 13, s/n, Rural Area, Capitólio, MG.
  • book here

Pousada Viver Capitólio

Comprising 13 comfortable apartments equipped with facilities such as air conditioning, queen size bed, cable TV (smartv), minibar and WI-FI. Installed in a large area, it offers complete infrastructure, with swimming pool, sauna, TV room, shared lounge, board games and private parking. Ideal place to rest after enjoying the walks through the various natural beauties of the region.

  • Address: R. Clotilde Hortêncio Ramos, 565 – Águas das Vertentes, Capitólio, MG.
  • book here

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