the mysteries of amazon have always been a dream to be unveiled by many travelers and explorers of different times. The largest tropical forest on the planet still pulsates with life and holds treasures much sought after, but still little known by the general public.

The traditional regions of amazon stronghold of researchers and countless expeditions throughout history, the vastness of the forest turns man's head and incites the curiosity of the most attentive. There are many mysteries surrounding the “lungs of the world” and one of the richest and most preserved biomes that this planet has ever housed. Bathed by rivers that make the natural control of rainfall and climate in much of the continent and the world, the greatness of the forest governs the natural cycle of the planet like a gear that doesn't stop and leaves everything working in a harmonious way.

A good part of this territory is Brazilian – in fact most of it – and, contrary to what many people imagine, the entire forest is inhabited by large cities, different villages, riverside and indigenous communities, with about 4 million inhabitants only in the state of amazon. In addition to these, other well-known residents also inhabit the forest. According to the EBC news agency, there are more than 2 million species of animals living in the general Amazon, in addition to the countless species of plants and animals that are discovered annually.

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With most access being via rivers and streams, the capital manaus is one of the main gateways to the forest, where it is possible to explore the beauties of the amazon and from other states in the northern region sailing in regional vessels. Departing from the city's main pier, it is also possible to follow independent itineraries to other corners of the Amazon. Like the trip from Belém to Manaus, the best known of them, which connects the two largest capitals of the forest aboard a typical northern boat – widely used as collective transport by the natives – and it can also be a different way to get to know a little the routine of forest dwellers.

Walking through the old center of manaus it is easy to see the power that the city became in the era of rubber. Teatro Amazonas is one of the main symbols of the wealth of that time, and until today it has artistic performances from all over the world, being one of the most desired stages in the northern region. In the surroundings you will find agencies that offer tours and accommodation in the jungle for all budgets.

Photo: Flickr - Yacht Night Sky

Photo: Flickr – Yacht Night Sky

On Rua do Teatro, on Av. July 9th, we went to see the tours offered by Amazon Gero, one of the best rated on TripAdvisor. The agency also supports Richard Rasmussen, the Brazilian biologist who is also currently the presenter of the shows Sábado Animal (BAND) and Mundo Selvagem (NatGeo) and has the Amazon as his office and second home.

Early in the morning, the vans pick up tourists at their accommodations, disembarking at the Port of Manaus, where a speedboat awaits to begin the tour. A few kilometers away from Manaus, one of the most well-known phenomena in the Amazon begins to emerge from afar. The meeting of the Rio Negro with the Rio Solimões runs without mixing for about 6 km. Some specific characteristics allow the phenomenon, which only occurs due to the variation in density, temperature and speed of the waters that meet.

photo: brspled

photo: brspled

Traveling by speedboat along the Amazonian rivers for about an hour, we enter the Mamori River, on the way to the Macaw Jungle Hotel, a jungle hotel that serves as support for the agency's travelers, in one of the most preserved areas of the forest. Accommodation can be in private bungalows equipped with a double bed or in a collective bungalow with hammocks, in the biggest “wild hostel” style, ideal for those looking for more affordable prices in the Amazon. Along the way, it is easy to spot the first animals in their habitat, such as alligators, porpoises, macaws, toucans and dozens of different species that begin to appear in droves.

Staying in the jungle is a true immersion in the charms of the forest. Far from any great civilization, in extreme contact with nature, the feeling of isolation is inevitable. Hardly anyone who stays only in Manaus will notice this. Due to the long distances, using only the capital as a base can reduce your free time during the trip, and the idea is to get to know beyond the capital, the most appropriate thing is to reserve a few days to visit the jungle hotels and have that feeling of isolation and extreme contact with nature.


For those who want to know the charms of the Amazon rainforest, some measures are essential to ensure your safety throughout the trip. Before boarding, it is recommended to take a yellow fever vaccine at least 10 days before the trip, free vaccine available at all municipal health posts.

In addition to sunscreen and repellent, walking on trails or near rivers, we advise you to wear long-sleeved shirts and lighter pants.

Where to stay

In Manaus, to enjoy the city even more, we recommend lodgings that are close to the historic center, where there is the Amazonas Theater and a wide variety of lodging and restaurants, in addition to being much closer to the main attractions. Book your accommodation in Manaus.

For accommodation in the jungle, the Amazon Gero agency has the Ararinha Jungle Hotel, a jungle hotel with its own restaurant located on the banks of the Mamuri River, in one of the most preserved regions of the forest.

best season

The Amazon landscape changes throughout the year, due to the constant variation in the level of rivers and streams. Besides, of course, the concentration of wildlife that changes a lot according to the month of your visit and can be the key factor for those who visit Amazonas for animal observation. Check out the best time to visit the Amazon, Manaus and surroundings.

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