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Da Nang – Vietnam

The port city of Da Nang is a gastronomic hub that attracts people for its famous and bold flavors of central Vietnamese cuisine. Savor the cuisine while walking the streets or on a bike tour. Burn off calories with spicy noodle soup exploring the caves and grottos of the Marble Mountains. Be sure to take a night tour to see the Dragon Bridge and see its sculpture spit fire over the Han River.


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Sihanoukville – Cambodia

The white sandy beaches of Sihanoukville are the main attraction of this Cambodian city's coastline. Spend a wonderful day snorkeling in the warm waters of the Gulf of Thailand. Explore the mangroves, waterfalls and wildlife of Ream National Park or rent a motorbike for fun exploring the terrain. At Otres Market, Saturday nights have live music, great food and an authentic experience of local culture.


Ao Nang – Thailand

On the lush sands of Ao Nang's beaches, you can enjoy a magnificently colored sunset and a crystal-clear sea. Book an excursion to go scuba or snorkel and enjoy the seabed. Or simply relax on deck as you sail between the islands in the region on a vintage wooden boat. Climbers will love the nearby Rai Leh cliffs and limestone cliffs.


Bodrum – Turkey

Bodrum, once a small fishing town of just a few thousand people, has undergone a renaissance over the past fifty years that has turned this sleepy community into one of Turkey's most popular holiday destinations. Writers, intellectuals, artists and musicians have long called this city in the Aegean home or second home. Its buzzing cultural scene is second only to the local nightlife. The beaches bathed by the fresh wind and the sparkling waters of the sea provide the perfect setting for a beach holiday.


Naha – Japan

Go from the 13th to the 21st century in one day in Naha. Its former focal point of the Ryukyu Kingdom, Shuri Castle, has been restored and is the city's main tourist attraction. Meanwhile, on Kokusai-dori (International Boulevard), the pace never slows down, with locals and tourists alike walking from restaurants to bars to nightclubs.


Hurghada – Egypt

Beautiful coral reefs and turquoise waters, perfect for windsurfing, have made Hurghada, on the Egyptian coast of the Red Sea, a bustling resort town. Close to the stunning Giftun Islands and the eastern Arabian Desert, Hurghada has seen a lot of development in the last decade—and yes, it sometimes seems to overflow with tourists. But it's a relatively easy beach getaway for Europeans, and some of the best snorkeling and snorkeling in the world are just a short walk from the beach. Walk or take a taxi to explore the old El Dahar district.


Kazan – Russia

On the banks of the Volga River lies the austere Kazan. His cityscape is a visual confection of architecture that somehow manages to be both fun and serious. Regardless of your spiritual inclination, be sure to visit the Temple of All Religions, a multicolored cultural center built by artist Ildar Khanov. Although not yet finished, the “temple” is a feast for the eyes, and for the spirit.


Manaus – Brazil

When you can walk through rainforests in the morning and watch a dramatic opera at night, you know you're in a special place. Manaus offers a rich variety of nature, culture, art and cuisine. Explore the lush vegetation of the Amazon rainforest on a guided backpacking or river tour, or experience the colorful Adolpho Lisboa Market. The Amazonas State Opera Theater was built with the finest materials, and inside you will be amazed by the powerful performances.


Eilat – Israel

The charming city of Eilat is one of Israel's most popular resorts. Located at the northern end of the Red Sea, Eilat attracts divers with its warm, clear waters, while its Coral Reserve reefs are perfect for snorkeling. Above sea level, it is possible to explore the former copper mines of Timna National Park, as well as the shops, bars and restaurants along the waterfront.


Limassol – Cyprus

Limassol is the second largest city in Cyprus with a population of 161,000. The city is located in Akrotiri Bay, in the southern part of the island. Limassol is one of the main cities of this country, and on the island, its economy is closely related to its commercial port, one of the most important in Mediterranean Europe, although tourism also leaves substantial dividends. It is a very important city from economic and cultural point of view for Cyprus.


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